Chinese girl 19 -year -old pregnancy and black return to Africa to show off the truth of the goddess: Little wife lives in the native house

This is a 20 -year -old domestic girl Xiao Zhou who has just arrived in Nigeria in West Africa, a photo of the production inspection on a personal social account.

There is a sense of pride and happiness between the lines.

"For the first time to come to West Africa for a production inspection, the specifications are very high. My husband spent more than 180,000 for me, and he was spoiled as a goddess."

It is this post that caused huge arguments among netizens: For love, choosing to settle in Africa to settle with black husbands, is it worth it?

1. Xiao Zhou’s "African goddess show off" was tragically picked up by netizens

Xiao Zhou’s release of showing off was originally in order to calm down the previous online debate, and proved to netizens that he was spoiled by blacks in Africa, and lived a goddess -like life.

But it was quickly picked up by netizens:

First, her black husband nearly 20 years old did not accompany her to do a birth checkup, because there were two big wives in the family who needed to accompany;

Nigeria is a monogamy, and black men have multiple wives here.

Second, 180,000 is just Nigeria’s local currency Nalan, which is converted into more than 2,000 yuan;

Third, the medical conditions of Nigeria are quite backward. Do not be rural areas. Even the hospitals in large cities can not even catch up with domestic county -level hospitals.

Fourth, West Africa is the most concentrated area of various diseases in the world, especially the HIV infection rate in the world is the highest;

Second, Xiao Zhou showed off African love completely: At the age of 19, he was pregnant at the age of 20 and was brought back to Africa to have a baby by a black husband at the age of 20

Xiao Zhou has recently been on the Internet because she released a show off.

At that time, she followed the 40 -year -old black husband, rushed from the city where she lived to Shanghai, and then went abroad from Pudong Airport to go abroad and go to the black husband’s hometown West African Nigeria.

At this time, Xiao Zhou has been pregnant for more than 30 weeks, which means that this little girl has been with the old black buses since the age of 18 and nineteen, and soon she is pregnant.

When the delivery period was about to come, the black husband was persuaded to leave the motherland and settle in West Africa to have a child to settle.

Along the way, Xiao Zhou, who was not involved in the world, kept sharing his joy and pride on social accounts. He believed that following the black husband to live in his hometown in Africa, he found the best destination in life.

Even the black husband invited himself to eat a 100 yuan western food, which made Xiao Zhou excited, thinking that he had become the happiest goddess of Africa.

Third, the debate of netizens: Is it worthwhile to do so for love?

This kind of happiness and pride around Xiao Zhou quickly triggered the controversy of netizens: For love, domestic girls choose Africa life to be worth it?

Some netizens believe that: Don’t persuade others to do what you do, learn to respect and bless.

"The Chinese people are so good, so they can teach others when they come."

"Wherever you choose to live and who to live with, it is the right of Xiao Zhou, Xiao Zhou, and netizens are more excited than their parents."

"There are also good men in Africa, and there are bad men in China. Is it so difficult for you to respect others?"

"Why is it not worth it for love to go to Africa? What logic is this? So many girls used to live in Africa, did they automatically disappear? Isn’t it still living normally?"

"It is not worth it to go to Africa, it is worth it to go to Europe? The concept of mate selection and love view of our country is completely utilitarian orientation. Shouldn’t this tendency be criticized?"

Xiao Zhou praised these comments to these.

Of course, most netizens have persuaded each other in the message: don’t be stunned by love for a while, you must be cautious and think twice with the black husband to live in Africa.

"Girl, there are too many lessons in your car, don’t be stunned by love."

"Xiao Zhou, we can’t interfere with your choice, that is your right. But as a mother, we must give you a faithful advice. Once there is anything that is not conducive to yourself in Africa, we must stop returning to the country in time.You who care about you are parents who have blood relationship with you, not African husbands. "

"Sister, because of the foreign trade, I know too much about Nigeria. The black people’s view of love and our view of love are completely the product of two parallel worlds. Change of his wife is simpler for them than changing clothes."

"Zhou Zhou, you are still a little wife over there. Maybe the local marriage will not admit that you and the black husband’s marriage. Maybe it is a filling girl who fills the house for the black people. You must think clearly.It’s. "

In the face of the discourages of these netizens, Xiao Zhou did not hesitate to delete many comments that persuade her calmly and cautiously.

Fourth, Xiao Zhou’s black husband’s truth is exposed, it is not a famous look at all

Today, things are further fermented.

Some netizens further picked out the details of Xiao Zhou’s black husband:

First, as Xiao Zhou said at all, her husband is a famous family in Niliia, and is actually an ordinary working class.

Second, Xiao Zhou’s black husband opened a company in China, but it was suspected to have gone bankrupt.

Third, the economic conditions in the family are average, and two big wives need to be supported.

Fourth, there is no high -end Western food at all, that is, a kind of corn paste that is very popular in the local poor people in Nigeria, all grabbing by hand.

Fifth, Xiao Zhou WeChat has no reply, avatars and gender are modified

What is even more weird is that after Xiao Zhou arrived in Nigeria, because the popularity on the Internet was relatively high, some Chinese people contacted Xiao Zhou through WeChat out of WeChat for the purpose of cared her living conditions, and wanted to see her.

It was found that not only did WeChat not reply, but even the avatars and gender were replaced.

No one knows what happened in Xiaozhou.

In response to Xiao Zhou’s African showing wealth and the hardships of netizens, a message on the Internet soon became a Gaozan comment: "Let go of helping others and respect the fate of others!"

What is your opinion for Xiao Zhou’s choice of settlement in Africa for love?

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