Children can never keep it, it turned out to be related to the recurred vaginitis

Recently, such a patient was diagnosed in the outpatient clinic: if you want a second child, you can be pregnant but you can’t keep it. He has been flowing three times. During the consultation session, she said that there is vaginitis.Good attacks are always repeated."Is this related to vaginitis? What is the relationship between this miscarriage with vaginitis?" The patient couldn’t help it.

I believe that women who see this will also have doubts. What is the relationship between vaginitis with pregnancy?

Why is there vaginitis

Women’s vagina can be said to be like a microorganism, which is parasitic many microorganisms. Usually under the constraints of lactobacillus, these microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, etc.) can restrict each other with each other.Maintain a healthy state in an acidic balance.

However, due to certain behaviors, such as changing underwear, the same room during menstruation, not paying attention to personal hygiene, etc., the invasion of external germs will destroy the balance of vaginal flora, and take the opportunity to breed, which will cause various vaginitis, such as trichomonas vaginal vaginaFlames, bacterial vaginitis, mold vaginitis, etc.

How does vaginitis affect pregnancy

Vaginitis affects pregnancy. From the perspective of eugenics and the health of the mother, it should be treated with vaginitis before starting to prepare for pregnancy.

■ Difficult to conceive vaginitis

After the vagina is infected, the leucorrhea will increase, and the color will change and odor.Because these tricles or mold consume the glycogen in the vaginal cells, the pH of the vagina is changed and the acidity of vaginal is more acidic.

The change of this acidity and alkali can affect the mobility of the sperm, which hinders the continued upward of the sperm, and some bacteria can condense sperm together, causing women to not get pregnant.

■ After pregnancy, various adverse pregnancy reactions are prone to occur

Whether the fetus has an impact on the fetus during pregnancy is different according to its different types of vaginitis.

Moomal vaginitis infection during pregnancy may lead to newborns of fungal dermatitis or goose sores; infection in the middle of the pregnancy of trichomoniac vaginitis increases the occurrence of premature birth, fetal membrane premature breakthrough, and puerpeassa infection; pregnancy bacterial vaginal disease can cause causing causeChicken membrane amnioticitis, premature breakthroughs, premature birth, etc.

Vaginitis is treated, why is it still easy to relapse?

1. The vaginitis has not been cured, the patient stopped the treatment of the patient by himself, or the resistance appeared.

2. Because vaginitis is mostly mixed infection, which is the inflammation caused by more than two pathogenic bacteria, and the drug used only treats one of them.

3. Excessive use of drugs: Long -term use of antibiotics or hormone drugs, it is easy to cause the body’s resistance to decrease, flora dysfunction, on the one hand, it is vulnerable to infection of pathogenic bacteria, and on the other hand, it is not easy to heal once infected.


Of course, it is important to pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva, but it is also necessary to pay attention to hygiene.Wash the vulva every night to keep the vulva clean, especially before and after sex, menstrual periods and secretions.

From the perspective of treatment, we must adhere to the medication, take medicines in accordance with the rules of the doctor.

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