Children are sexually assaulted, but it is difficult to open up!What should parents do?

Today is March 25th, this year’s national safety education day.

Since 1996, China has determined on Monday, March of March each year, and is the safety education day of primary and secondary school students across the country.The establishment of this system is to comprehensively promote the safety education of primary and secondary school students, vigorously reduce the incidence of various types of casualties, and effectively do the safety protection of primary and secondary school students, and promote their healthy growth.

In recent years, sexual assault children have been focusing on the focus.

On March 2, 2019, the China Children’s Children’s Culture and Art Foundation Girl Protection Fund released the "" Girl Protection "2018 sexual assault children’s case statistics and anti -sexual assault education survey report.According to statistics, there were 317 cases of monitoring media reports in 2018, involving more than 750 victims.In the case of sexual assault, 210 acquaintances committed the crime, accounting for 66.25%.

Of the 750 victims, the victims were the youngest of 3 years; children under the age of 14 accounted for 80%, and the proportion of 14 to 18 years old was 10.40%. 9.60%of the victims did not mention detailed age.

From the perspective of the regional distribution of the case, there are 71 cases of the victims in rural (townships and below) children, accounting for 22.40%; there are 177 cases of the victims, accounting for 55.83%;In the county seat, 12.30%.

It should be specifically explained that the data in the report is based on the public reports of the media that year, and it is not equivalent to the total number of cases of sexual assault children in the year.

Tong Xiaojun, an associate professor at the School of Social Work of the University of Social Sciences, said:

There is no public data and statistics on national sexual assault cases.Due to many factors, the public cases are only the tip of the iceberg of the actual case.

According to statistics, in the report of 317 cases, there are 210 acquaintances in the case, which clearly expresses that there are 124 cases of sexual assaults, accounting for 39.11%of the total, showing a high incidence.

Sun Xuemei, the person in charge of the "Girl Protection" Fund, said that on the one hand, it reflects the concealment of sexual assault children’s cases, and on the other hand, it also shows that the cases of cases in such cases have repeatedly implemented the infringement.The crime person will not end automatically.

It is worth mentioning that in the 210 cases of sexual assault, there are 71 cases of teacher -student relationships, accounting for 33.80%.

Now, let’s take a look at the real events that happened around us!

On October 12, 2018, the program "The Rule of Law Online" program focused on sexual assault of minors.The occurrence of this case was very sad, because the victims were less than 12 years old at the time, and it was a teacher who infringed them.

Five years ago, the school moved from the local area due to the influence of this sexual assault case on campus.Now there are only a weeds left here, and the walls and tables, chairs and bench have faded the color.However, the experience in this school has become a pain that many girls cannot erase.After the incident, parents have changed a lot of changes in their children.

Prosecutor Ma Huimin, the case handling the case in the first instance: According to parents, some children are unwilling to go to school, some are at home, and parents do not go.By the half -stay, my child suddenly woke up.

Why did a child suddenly dislike the campus?What kind of encounters have caused such a serious harm to their hearts?Parents’ questions are gradually clear and more distressed with the deepening of public security and judicial organs.

The case took place in this boarding rural elementary school. One weekend in October 2012, the parents who came to school to pick up the students inadvertently listened to the child about a "secret" that happened to a teacher and classmate named Qin.

Wang Hai, prosecutor of the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate: This case was a parent who was not a victim student. After hearing it, she told the victim’s family that the victim’s parents immediately reported the case.

When the investigator asked the infringed girl A, she said that she had told several classmates in the same class who had been sexually assaulted by the class teacher Qin.And this "secret" seemed to throw a bomb.

Several female classmates in the class also told A that Teacher Qin had also affected them.In this way, during the investigation, the police found that in addition to A, six girls were infringed by Qin. They were all students in Qin’s class.None of these seven victims were over 12 years old.

Qin even used his parents’ trust in him to bring the girl A back to his home in the name of supplementary lessons and students to see a doctor.

Prosecutor Wang Hai, Prosecutor of the Prosecutor Office of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate: The defendant also acknowledged that before the incident, he had a good relationship with the victims and his family.Essence

This case is heartbroken, and it should be even more alert!IntersectionIntersection

At present, the Ministry of Education and the education administrative departments of various places are vigorously promoting the prohibition of implementation of illegal criminals and reports on campus sexual assault and force reports.It can be seen that in order to prevent sexual assault by minors, my country is taking various measures to work hard to build a safe and harmless campus environment.

While looking forward to these measures, we also noticed that the sexual assault report on campus requires that the teacher reports the school leader within 6 hours after receiving the student in person or email.This provision has a prerequisite that students need to inform the teachers by the initiative.

In addition to in the case of sexual assault, sexuality as an unavoidable element must appear in public discussions. For most of the time, sexual exchanges are default to a taboo.Therefore, an important task for preventing sexual assault cases is to start with popular knowledge, so that children have faced sex from an early age and have a correct understanding of sex.

On March 12, the Second Session of the 13th National People’s Congress held a plenary meeting to listen to the work report of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate.After the meeting, Tong Jianming, deputy prosecutor of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, accepted interviews with Chinese and foreign media in the fourth "Minister Channel".This is the first time that the leaders of the Supreme Procuratorate appeared in the "Ministerial Channel".

Tong Jianming, deputy prosecutor of the Supreme Prosecutor, said in a question of reporters in the future: Last year, the Supreme Procuratorate issued a procuratorial suggestion to the Ministry of Education, suggesting that the Ministry of Education strengthened the management of school safety and strengthened the work of preventing sexual assault children and primary and secondary schools;Educational departments at all levels are also implementing the education and protection system of sexual assault and children, and implementing the system of sexual assault and forced reporting on campus, and the closure of girls’ dormitory.Pulpt in law.

What is sexual blindness?It is a lack of sexual knowledge, sexual health knowledge, sexual safety knowledge, sexual moral knowledge, and sexual aesthetic consciousness.

There is a question on Zhihu: To what extent is the lack of sexual education in China?Those answers are simply stunning:

When my girlfriend told me that when she came to my aunt for the first time, she woke up and found a bed blood, scared crying.She thought that men and women would be pregnant and touched. After kissing with her boyfriend for the first time, she hid in the quilt and cried all night -afraid of pregnancy.

One of my roommates thought that having children was pulled out like pulling up.

When I was a kid, I asked my mother: Where did I come from?My mother said: Picked it under the big tree.I said: Is there a aunt who doesn’t want me anymore, throw me under the big tree, and you picked it up when you look poor.My mother said: You are really smart.I have been depressed for this matter for several years.

… …

There are elementary schools trying to promote sex education textbooks.The content of the textbook is very good, for example, about education.

The child asked: Mom, where did I come from?

Mom replied: You come from your mother’s belly.

The child asked: How did I come out of my mother’s belly?

Mom replied: You came out of a vagina between your mother’s legs.

The child asked: Can I look at your vagina?

Mom said: No, this is my privacy part and cannot show others.Similarly, it is also your privacy, nor can it be given to others or touches others.

You see, not only answering the question of "where do I come from", but also taught the children how to protect themselves!However, such textbooks were reported by some parents: "How can you spread such things that are inferior to this is too disgusting." Therefore, the school had to recover the textbook.Don’t let the school teach, did the parents taught by themselves?

The lack of social education, school education, parent education, and insufficient sex education need to be valued.

Why do parents be ashamed to talk and dare not talk about sex education?It derived from the four major misunderstandings.

Misunderstanding 1: "Sex" is dirty and can’t get on the table.

I think that sex is dirty, I can only do it secretly, and I can’t get it on the table.A doctor of law once talked about one thing: "The aunt of the district led her daughter to come to my house and saw me, and pointed at her daughter -in -law: This damn thing was done by others outside., Can’t call the police. You must help your sister to get justice. "She asked her cousin and found that she was really voluntary.He said: "Remember to wear a sleeve in this thing in the future. When you are pregnant, you have a great harm to the body." As soon as the aunt heard it, he pulled up his daughter and walked away.Seeing, just being talked about sexuality has become "dirty".

Misunderstanding 2: The earlier sex education, the earlier the sexual behavior.

"Children are small, and they still don’t talk about sex. Is such a explicit description in the book that will cause the child’s curiosity and thus cause the child to become precocious puberty. The result of sexual education has become sexual instability."

Misunderstanding 3: No teachings, you can have no teacher.

"Where can I teach in my sexual knowledge? Children will naturally understand when they grow up."

Misunderstanding 4: Sexual education is sexual behavior education.

"I am worried that children know what sex is prematurely." Many parents think that sex education is sex education. In fact, sex education includes sexual education, sexual psychological education, sexual moral education, sexual legal education, sexual hygiene education, sexual safety, sexual safety, sexual safetyEducation and sexual aesthetic education.

Only by fully understanding these sexual knowledge can we establish correct sexual cognition and sexual aesthetics.

Gynecologist Li Lin commented: "A little girl recently visited a little girl, after zero, 14 years old, her twin pregnancy, her pregnancy week is 14+, and abortion is required."

The 14 -year -old girl often felt stomach pain. She thought that she had a tapeworm in her stomach, so she went to the hospital to take worm medicine with her mother. She did not expect that she was pregnant.Mom grabbed her hair and slapped her hard: "You are only 14 years old.

There are many minor girls who have abortion at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital. "Most parents are scolding them to be ashamed, and few parents will reflect on their problems."

"The most needed for sex education is Chinese parents." Why do you say that?

First, parents are the first responsible person of sex education."Parents are the people who are closest to their children and the most trusted person. Parents are the most convenient to teach, and children are the easiest to accept."

Secondly, parents are the first guardians of sex education."Only when parents encourage and support sex education, social education and school sex education can be promoted and popular."

Our parents have not received real sex education, and they grow up by ourselves.So when we came to us, they took out the same way to treat us.

The essence of sex education is a kind of love education

Sexual education is not shameful at all, and tell the children greatly.

Sex education is not a flood beast, the nature of sex education, is a kind of love education.If you really love your son and daughter, please don’t, please don’t want to say it.

How to guide if the child is sexually assaulted?

Parents have gradually realized the importance of child sex education, but we must not think that harm is far away from children!On the issue of sexual harassment and sexual assault, how should we educate and guide children and care for their physical and mental safety?

As for children’s sexual assault, we are ignorant how dangerous children are.

Children’s violations make the public anger and heartache, and give all parents alarm. If you have not given your child correct sex education, if you have not told TA how to protect yourself when facing aggression.The following books, I hope you can read with your children so that children know more about self -protection.

Care for the healthy growth of minors

May innocent smiles bloom forever

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