Chen Yunqing’s 51 -year -old baby: Gu Juji is not a scumbag, but his woman is willing to have a child for him

At 0:07 in the morning on March 20, Gu Juji’s Weibo announced the child’s name "Kuson" for the first time, and matched the child’s positive face.

This is also the second time that Ji Tsai announced the first time after Ji Dang dad.

Gu Juji, 48, is really happy!

Yes, he and Chen Yunqing, after nearly 30 years of love running, finally have their own children!

Gu Juji, born in 1972, was 48 years old, and his wife Chen Yunqing was born in 1968, 4 years older than him.

51 -year -old baby, typical elderly mother.

Medical research shows that women’s best fertility age is 24-28 years old. It is best not to exceed 30 years, especially not over 35 years old, and identify first mother over 35 years old as an elderly mother.

But now more and more people have postponed the age of marriage and childbearing for their careers, especially the complex entertainment industry.

It is reported that Gu Juji and his wife successfully became pregnant, and used the method of "Chinese and Western combination".

In 2014, after the two got married, they visited famous Chinese and Western doctors. Traditional Chinese medicine used to regulate the inner environment of the body. Western medicine used to frozen eggs to prepare for artificial conception.

Furthermore, the couple have continued to worship in Cishan Temple in Dapu in recent years. In order to ask for the son, they had a thousand sounds to Guanyin, and they would recite 1,800 scriptures at night.

Huang Tian lived up to the careless people, and they finally had their own children.

Some netizens criticized Gu Juji as a scumbag. In order to ask for a child, regardless of the fact that his wife was over half a year, she risked her life and had children.

But in the opinion of the editor, Gu Juji is a rare man in the entertainment industry.

For nearly 30 years of debut, Gu Juji has collaborated by countless beautiful actresses, but he has a scandal and self -cleaning. He is consistent with Chen Yunqing, and his money is handed over to her. Such a man gives a woman a sense of security.

For Chen Yunqing’s woman, Chen Yunqing, how happy it is to be loved by this man who is comparable to that of the idol drama male!

A man loves a woman, and will respect her. This is the prerequisite for loving a person; a woman loves a man will definitely become him. This is the result of a person who loves someone.

When a girl really falls in love with a man, she can sacrifice everything for him!

Today’s Chen Yunqing, whether it is 51 years old or 61 years old, as long as there is a line of hope, she will not give up. This is her sacrifice as a woman.

This sacrifice spirit is naturally born in women’s bones.

Zhang Ting was born in 1970. He was familiar with mainland audiences because of his classic TV series such as "Amazing Double Jiao" and "Love Crossing Time and Space".

Lin Ruiyang was born in 1960. Although he is now full of white hair and laughs like a kind grandma, he was the earliest batch of Qiong Yao idol drama actor when he was young.Essence

In 2006, 36 -year -old Zhang Ting and 46 -year -old Lin Ruiyang had a good relationship.

After the marriage, Zhang Ting found that he had infertility and could not endure the giant pain as a test tube baby.

Three years, 9 test tubes, more than 1,000 stitches, their bodies and souls are suffering.

Many years later, Zhang Ting was a guest "Super Interview" and recalled the process of preparing for pregnancy. She said: I cried once after I finished it, and I cried once after doing it.

The phrase "I cried once", she emphasized twice, which is enough to see how much the trauma of "injections and test tube babies" is to her!

After the 8th test tube failed, Zhang Ting was full of acupuncture. She wanted to give up, but Lin Ruiyang advised her to try again.

Lin Ruiyang once wrote a small card to Zhang Ting, and he wrote a numb and romanticly: When you laugh happily, I am the happiest man in the world.

However, how can such Lin Ruiyang bear Zhang Ting to suffer pain again?Is he just a "scumbag" who can only coax girls with sweet words?

No!no!He has his concerns!

Zhang Ting said Lin Ruiyang’s concerns: What I am most worried about in my life is you. If one day I leave, what should you do?I will be sad, so you need one person to accompany you.

Lin Ruiyang was 10 years older than Zhang Ting. He loved her deeply, so he thought for her long -term.

There is something to think of, and feelings.

Can’t bear to suffer, but she is more afraid of him after he leaves!

The most important thing in marriage life is mutual understanding, respect, and tolerance.

Zhang Ting understood the "intention" of her husband. She respected her husband’s "decision", so she made a "concession" and decided to give each other a chance. Finally, she was successful in the ninth test tube and had their children.

The woman who is in love is their weakness and their armor.

Put on armor, they are not afraid of sacrifice steel warriors!

In 2010, the 34 -year -old big S and 29 -year -old Wang Xiaofei met at An Yixuan’s birthday banquet. After 28 days, they were engaged and half a month later.

Knowing, falling in love, engagement, and marriage, they only used 47 days!

Such speed, "blindness"!

The big S of the giants, like Zhao Wei, Guo Jingjing, Xi Mengyao and other actresses who marry into the giants, are not optimistic!

But she didn’t care at all, but she loved and lived hard!

Before marriage, in order to lose weight, the big S was like a day for more than ten years. He insisted on eating vegetarian. He only ate one apple a day, also took laxatives, and eventually triggers gastritis and suffered from anorexia.

After the marriage, after filming "Da Wusheng", she was at home to raise her body to prepare for her body, but her constitution was too vivid and could not be pregnant.So, she broke her vegetarianism, began to drink chicken soup, eat gelatin, and supplemented her body. For three years, she was pregnant with her daughter.

In order to have a child, the big S, which is as beautiful as life, cut off his favorite long hair, and he weighed to 160 pounds.

In 2016, the 40 -year -old big S gave birth to his son in danger.

When she gave birth to her son, she had a serious contraction and was so painful that she had no physical strength. In addition, she had allergic to analgesic drugs. During the production process, she had a short hypoxic and coma.

She was unconscious for 10 days and stayed at the ICU for a night. She really walked in front of the Ghost Gate!

In 2018, Big S was pregnant with three babies.

Unfortunately, her epilepsy had a recurrence, suddenly fainted and was sent to the emergency room. In the end, the fetus could not detect her heartbeat. She had to end her pregnancy.

Some people say that Big S is already full of children, why should he take the third child in danger of life?It must be that the days when you marry into the giants are not good. I want to have more children and maintain their status!

In the face of netizens’ "sour words and vinegar", Big S just said blandly: "In the future … I have to pass the level and cut off. If you ask for it, don’t sympathize, bless me, okay?"

A "self -seeing" blocked the mouth of everyone.

Big S knows what she wants, even if she marries into the giants, she is still the one who lives clearly!

For her for her, Wang Xiaofei became a "flying man". He flew around between Beijing and Taipei every three differences, and gradually turned his work focus to Taiwan.

For Wang Xiaofei, she was willing to risk her life and raw their love crystals!

Not because Wang Xiaofei is a giant, but because Wang Xiaofei is her husband!

They love each other and sacrifice each other, that’s all!

Gu Juji is very tall, handsome, and looks very young, and Chen Yunqing looks average and old. Looking at the appearance alone, they do not match them.

Before Lin Ruiyang and Zhang Ting got married, there was a marriage, and Zhang Ting was also considered a "third party" in the marriage relationship.

Wang Xiaofei is the only son of Zhang Lan, the founder of Qiaojiangnan Group, one of the four youngsters in Beijing. The well -known rich second generation, and the big S is just a female artist who came out of the family.

In the opinion of outsiders, Chen Yunqing, Zhang Ting, and Da S, they are particularly not equal to their husband’s "status", so they must rely on their children to keep their status.

Is it really?Do you have to be a good marriage?

Mr. Yang Yan once said: The most important thing for men and women is the emotion. The degree of understanding of each other understands each other. I can understand each other to appreciate, attract, support, and encourage each other. The two feelings are not important for the other!

Obviously, Chen Yunqing, Zhang Ting, and Da S. Their happy marriage relies on not "door -to -house", but on the basis of deep love, appreciate, support each other, and fulfill each other!

Gu Juji and Chen Yunqing loved long -distance running for 27 years, Lin Ruiyang and Zhang Ting had a long -distance running for 15 years, and Wang Xiaofei and Da S love long -distance running for 10 years.

They all walked through the "seven -year itch", and the foundation foundation was strong enough, as in "Peacock Flying Southeast": Jun is like a rock, and he is like a grass.Pucao is tough as silk, and there is no transfer of rocks.

Chen Yunqing, Zhang Ting, and Da S were determined to each other, so they were willing, regardless of their dangers, gave birth to children, and gave birth to their children!

This is the magic of love, a kind of instinct for a woman to meet the right man!

Therefore, they "know that there are tigers in the mountains", but they are "biased towards Tiger Mountain"!

The more not to be optimistic, the more they will live a wonderful life!

After reading the stories of the stars, many people are envious, but they look back at themselves. They are particularly small and small. How can they compare with the goddesses?

99%of the people in the world are ordinary people, so dear ordinary small "you" is not alone!Perhaps we cannot compare with the goddess, but we can learn "the ability to create happiness" from the goddess, and use our marriage to live our own happy life!

Keep personality independence

The network is transparent. The keyboard men say "good words, bad things", Chen Yunqing, Zhang Ting, and Da S can also see them.We don’t know if they looked or didn’t look, but it was certain that they were "unmoved", what should they do!Without being disturbed by the outside world, they maintain their independent personality and live a sober life!

Having an independent personality is to know what you want, know what you are doing, and be responsible for what you do!

Maintain economy independence

Chen Yunqing is a particularly economic -minded person, so Gu Juji rest assured that the property was handed over to her.In Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang’s company, she holds shares.Big S has reduced performances after having children, but she still participated in many programs.In other words, even if they don’t spend her husband’s money, they can make them live well!

Material is bread, love is milk.We can not drink milk, but we must not eat bread.Whether it is single, love, or getting married, we must be economical independence, which is the confidence we live in our long life.

With an independent personality, we can achieve "follow My Heart", don’t forget the original intention, and live as what we want to be; "eat people’s mouth soft, take hands short", and maintain economic independence.Live.

Only those with independent personality and economical independence can become a capital "person" well!

Becoming a capital "person", we will attract excellent people to approach us!

When love comes, be brave

Before Chen Yunqing met Gu Juji, he had his own job; before Zhang Ting met Lin Ruiyang, he was a "popular flower" of that year; before he met Wang Xiaofei, he was a well -known host and actor.

Before they met them, they were good enough, so attracting them to approach them!

When they approached them, they seized the opportunity, overcome difficulties, and bravely stayed with them.

Bread can be full, but milk can nourish life. Each of us deep inside is longing for love!If the milk does not appear, then taste the "bread" well; when the milk appears, you will boldly pursue happiness!

"Not inferior, not proud", this is the confidence that personality independence and economic independence!

Marriage life, mutual respect, mutual understanding, and tolerance

If there is no problem with the other half of the character, if you love each other, if you keep your personality independent and economical independence, if you are brave, then please respect each other, understand each other, and tolerate each other, just like Qian Zhongshu and Yang YanSame.

In "We", Yang Yan wrote: I never thought of getting married before I met you; after meeting you, I never thought of marrying others again!

Hope, you too!

Be a woman with the ability to create happiness. No matter who you marry, it is happy!

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