Changsha women’s cancer in the late stage, competing for her daughter’s 400,000 tuition fees, bluntly: Is my daughter important?

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It is said that the world is only good in the world. The best person to you in this world is to have your mother to raise you. When facing the danger of life, the mother will come forward and dedicate everything to her children.

However, in a area in Changsha, Hunan Province, a woman was a mother and unfortunately suffered from cancer. She was diagnosed and treated as advanced.In order to survive, she hit her idea on her daughter, competing for her daughter’s 400,000 tuition fees, and bluntly: "I have been late, is my daughter important?"

what on earth is it?Starting from a man named Zhao Wei.

Zhao Wei was born in Changsha City, Hunan Province. His parents are ordinary people in the local area. Every day, he earns a meager profits by selling physical strength and time every day.Zhao Wei is not a only child. He also has a sister named Zhao Keke.

Although knowledge can change destiny, as long as you persist in reading, you will be able to make ahead when he grows up, but Zhao Wei does not like reading.During the class in school, he was dozing off, and he was not interested in the content of the book.

Naturally, he would not have any good results. When he couldn’t keep up with the teacher’s progress in high school, he chose to drop out home and choose to go home and go to social calendar.

By chance, Zhao Wei met a woman when she went out to work. The name was Nie Jing. She was a teacher of a nearby university and had a good education.

Zhao Wei could say that he was in love at first sight. He was deeply attracted by Nie Jing’s smile. Looking at the beautiful people in front of him, Zhao Wei only felt throbbing in his heart.

As a brave man, you have to go forward on the road to pursuing love and partners. Zhao Wei believes that even if his family is not rich enough, he has no high education and excellent enough, but he has a nakedness.Heart.

With his unremitting efforts, he finally moved Nie Jing’s heart. The two broke through the window paper, and they announced together before they became a pair of lovers.

Nie Jing was originally worried that after promising Zhao Wei’s request, would he start to get along with him for a long time, and he would no longer treat himself like the pearl as a pearl in his palm.

Obviously, her concerns are superfluous. Since the two have determined the relationship, Zhao Wei’s attitude towards her has continued to increase, but she has done everything.After getting along for a while, the two also came to the age of talking about marriage.

Marriage is not just looking at the love of two people. Marriage is a long -term consideration and weighing the pros and cons. Even though two people have a love that is comparable to Jin Jian, it may also be worn by Thai rice oil and salt and trivial things everywhere in life.

Nie Jing and Zhao Wei were not imprisoned by the shackles of reality. The two were preparing to work together to facing every bit of life. On a great day, the two sides were happy to connect with each other and become husbands and wives.

After the wedding, the relationship between the two is still very loving. It seems that when facing the pressure of life, the couple always have a way to solve it. Even if there is no quarrel, the bedside quarrels and the end of the bed.

It didn’t take long for Nie Jing to find that he had signs of pregnancy. He went to the hospital for inspection and did not expect that he was really pregnant. The love of the two had a crystallization, which made the family even more happy.For this daughter who is about to come, Zhao Wei can be said to have done his homework, and he is becoming more and more motivated when making money.

Developed according to this situation, the family grows up to raise her daughter, and it will be happy, and they will definitely live a happy and happy life in the future.But at this moment, the accident was quiet.

During a physical examination, Nie Jing looked at his body report, and felt shocking when he saw the following lines.Several large words on the hospital’s medical examination form are vividly vividly visible, and the physical examination has breast cancer.

Unexpectedly, she was young and her style was still suffering from extremely tricky cancer.We all know that no matter which part of the body suffers from cancer, almost all of them are fierce and endless situations and end. It is difficult to solve the cancer problem from the root of the existing medical level.

After the illness, Nie Jing seemed to have changed a person. She had a great personality. In the past, she was a well -cultivated woman and gave a gentleness and tenderness?It feels like a spring breeze.

Now that she is sick now, she is uncertain every day, her emotions fluctuate very much, and they are sometimes cried and crying. Even Nie Jing’s daughter feels that her mother has become terrible.

This change cannot be completely blame Nie Jing. After all, when everyone knows that they are not much time, few can be accepted by a few squares, and they generally have more or less influence in personality.

Nie Jing is like this. Every day, he is so angry that he only cares about his condition. He ignores the feelings of her husband and daughter. In order to cure his wife, Zhao Wei also brought all the savings in the family to his wife.Less debt.

At the beginning, Nie Jing’s breast cancer did get a good treatment. Because it was found early, it was still early. Therefore, under the superb medical skills of the doctor, the treatment can almost suppress the deterioration of the condition.

But this kind of cancer is like a timing bomb lurking in the body, and it may come again when it comes again.Sure enough, Nie Jing, who had just been stable in a few years, suffered from cancer again, and it was still later.

Nie Jing began to become hysterical. In addition to healing the disease every day, she was torture Zhao Wei crazy. Not only did he take care of him, but he also had various spiritual attacks on him. All kinds of lockers were installed on his car to masterHis position.

Zhao Wei chose to divorce his wife. Because of the treatment of his wife’s condition, the family had no property, leaving only a house.

Later, Zhao Wei sold the house 1 million, and was preparing to propose to Nie Jing when divorced that he was distributed to 600,000 for the treatment of the disease. The remaining 400,000 for his daughter’s future studies and tuition fees.

Nie Jing refused, and she competed Zhao Wei for his daughter’s 400,000 tuition. She said, "My illness is already like this, can my daughter have me important? This money must be mine."

Facing the situation of Zhao Wei, Nie Jing, and her daughter today, it is all sighing. Whoever thought that the gentle woman in the year would be so serious when she was seriously ill, and she was in the face of interests and benefits.During the dispute of Qian, hysteria said, "Can your daughter have me important?"

As a bystander, Nie Jing’s actions and behaviors cannot be said to be a selfish manifestation. After all, human nature is the case. In the face of life and death, everyone has their own stress reactions.

Then, what is discussed here is the legal issues that may be involved in the article. When Zhao Wei proposed to Nie Jing, how can the marriage between the two be counted and which steps and procedures should be taken through?

The laws of Chinese law are divided into two types of divorce procedures. One is that after the husband and wife are negotiated, the property of the two parties and the custody of the children reaches the civil affairs bureau where the two people live.This divorce is called agreement divorce.

For those husbands and wives, the focus of the contradictions is more and unable to solve the problem by negotiation. Usually the husband and wife shall file a divorce lawsuit in the local court.The two are allowed to divorce.

The above two divorce procedures are introduced here.We take the divorce of agreement as an example. If Nie Jing and Zhao Wei in this article follow the agreement divorce, then the two need to perform the following divorce legal procedures:

First of all, one of the parties who need divorce during the marriage period of marriage must personally apply for divorce registration at the civil affairs bureau where the husband or wife’s household registration is located in the marriage.

Secondly, the relevant staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau shall strictly review the relevant materials issued by the husband and wife after submitting a divorce application for the couple.

In the last step, if the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau after careful review, the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau can accurately confirm the willingness to divorce both parties to the marriage.

At the same time, if the men and women who have proposed a divorce application have reached an agreed opinion on their children’s support, property, debt and other issues after the calm period stipulated by the law, they should divorce.

For the application of the above divorce procedures, refer to Article 1076 of the marriage and family editors in the Civil Code. If both husband and wife voluntarily divorce, they shall sign a written divorce agreement and personally apply for divorce in the marriage registration authority to apply for divorce in person.Registration.

The divorce agreement shall contain the consensus on the intention of the voluntary divorce of the two parties and the consistent opinions on the negotiation of the children’s support, property, and debt handling.Complete the divorce registration, or the divorce judgment, and the mediation letter takes effect, that is, to relieve the marriage relationship.

In summary, if Nie Jing and Zhao Wei divorce through this procedure, then the two parties of 400,000 yuan must have a doctor, otherwise they will not be allowed to divorce.

For the divorce of litigation, the parties to both marriages shall follow the following provisions.First, the divorce of lawsuits has a legal necessary condition, that is, "the emotion has been ruptured and the mediation is invalid."The people’s court must also perform the conditions stipulated in the case in the trial of the case, and use this as a divorce of the party’s permission.

Second, in the litigation activities, the people’s court played a dominant role in dispute handling. It must review the divorce request and reasons proposed by the parties. Whether the divorce depends on the people’s court according to law.Rejected the parties’ requests according to law.

Third, the mediation and judgment made by the people’s court in accordance with the law, after the effectiveness of the law, is mandatory execution. If the parties do not fulfill the obligations determined in the mediation and the judgment, the people’s court may be enforced in accordance with the application of the other party.

In this article, it is not difficult to see that Nie Jing and Zhao Wei obviously have different opinions on educational funds for raising their daughters. In this case, the two parties can only divorce through litigation procedures.The 400,000 yuan was pronounced.

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