CCTV visits the mystery of "Cancer -free Village": I often eat astragalus, and no one has cancer in 20 years

On February 20, 2015, CCTV Health introduced a "cancer -free village" in the "Chinese Medicine" column -Tonglu, Zhejiang.It is said that in the 20s and 30 years of cancer in China, no villagers have suffered from cancer.Is it a legend or the truth?Today we will unveil the mystery of the "Cancer -free Village" together.

Wei Wei, an expert in the spleen and stomach disease of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, came to this village to find the secret of cancer. It was found that naturally growing the Titan Astragalus in Tonglu Village, Zhejiang, and the villagers inside eating astragalus to prevent disease and health all year round. This kind of medicinal material is ——Astragalus!

Astragalus is a Chinese medicinal material that has a long history. It has more than 2,000 years of medicinal medicine.In history, the earliest records of "52 Diseases" unearthed from the Han tomb kings ".

Astragalus has always been known for "the most nourishing qi medicines". Chinese medicine believes that astragalus has the effect of nourishing qi and rising yang, Yifei and solidifying tables. It is particularly conducive to the qi of nourishing the spleen and lungs. It is a very important medicinal material.

Modern medical research has a new understanding of the medicinal value of astragalus.At the beginning of our article, the villagers in Tonglu, a "cancer -free village", eat astragalus health care, and now some clinical research materials also show that astragalus does contain some ingredients that may have anti -cancer effects.

On the one hand, scientists have found through mice experiments that the AMWP-A-A components in Astragalus have a protective effect on mice’s immune organs.It also has a significant improvement effect, which can effectively improve the effect of the immune system against tumor.

On the other hand, some extracts in Astragalus also directly confrontable for some tumor cells.For example, there are four types of isoflavone extracts in Astragalus, including pink handle, siphonin, coat isoflavosides, and pyramnoline.Its preparations also play a certain role in promoting tumor apoptosis in clinical applications.

It can be seen that Astragalus does have a certain anti -cancer effect, but its anti -cancer effect is basically achieved in animal experiments. Even if some component in Astragalus can resist cancer, the human body wants to get this composition, how much you need to eat, how much you need to eatWhat about astragalus?Therefore, it is recommended that you look at anti -cancer food rationally and don’t eat a lot blindly.

Speaking of which, have you already prepared to buy a few pounds of astragalus and keep your own health care at home?Don’t worry, take astragalus health, be sure to pay attention to the following points:

First of all, it is important to note that because of the medicine for supplementing qi, taking too much is easy to "get angry", it may cause problems such as insomnia, high blood pressure, red ears, or irritability. ThereforeUse astragalus to supplement, and it should be gradually increased appropriately, and it is best to use it.

Here are a few commonly used astragalus to eat.

1. Soak water or substitute tea

Use three or four astragalus and soak it with water. Cover for 15-20 minutes to drink.If you are fried tea, you can cook for 30 minutes.

There are many benefits of drinking water for water soaking in water, such as nourishing qi and improving physical immunity, especially those with lack of energy and short gas, can drink astragalus water in moderation.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can also effectively treat spleen deficiency syndrome to drink astragalus, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, and Poria.

2. Astragalus porridge

The method is very simple. First, cook the astragalus for half an hour. Add red dates, japonica rice, and astragalus water to make porridge together to eat.

Astragalus porridge has the functions of nourishing qi, swelling and water, and antritigue and solid surface, especially suitable for the elderly with weak cardiopulmonary function.

3. Astragalus medicine

Astragalus is called "the length of qi". There are many prescriptions of astragalus in Chinese medicine, such as Yuping Wind San, which can nourish the qi of the spleen and lungs.Angelica soup, nourishing qi and blood.Jade liquid soup, nourish qi.

If you like food therapy, you can also choose Angelica Astragalus Black Chicken Soup, wash and cut the black chicken, and cook it with angelica and astragalus. Add water to a tile pot to cook and season it appropriately. Take a small bowl every morning and evening, drink soup and eat meat.””” Cancer is far from you”

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