Cat pregnant cubs like a ghost gate like a ghost gate, this is really not exaggerating its words

In the fixed cognition of most people, women are pregnant and have children. Only becoming a mother can realize the value of women.But as the saying goes: "Pregnant pregnancy is like a ghost gate." Veterinary Xiaoming watched a documentary "Shengmen" before, recording the birth of new life, but this process is full of hardships and dangers, and life and death are life and death.In front of, the instinct of motherly love is also touching.

Not only humans, for many animals, the road to pregnancy is full of challenges.For cat -raising shovel officers, we must pay more attention.abortion?Bao Da or Bao Xiao?The words that appear on humans are actually applicable to cats. Veterinary Xiaoming is really not exaggerating the word. The cat’s pregnancy cub is like a ghost gate.However, some cats are not produced at the due date. The shoveling officer must be careful, and the cat may have a miscarriage.

Cat’s pregnancy cycle is usually about 61 to 68 days. Within 7 days after the cat is successful, it will have a slight pregnancy reaction, but the cat will have a miscarriage due to some reasons.Why is there a miscarriage.

◆ Take medicine

Some cats appear bacteria such as parasites when they are pregnant, and some shoveling officers will take deworming medicine for them. This is not possible, because some ingredients contained in insect repellent may cause cats to abortion.

◆ Lack of vitamins

Vitamin A plays a very important role in the cat’s body. In addition to being an element necessary for cat vision health, it also participates in the growth and reproduction of cats. If vitamin A is lackingIn the cat, cats will also have disorders and even paralysis.

◆ External pressure

We know that the cat’s jumping ability is quite advanced. Usually, we always fall in love with jumping and jumping, but pregnancy is not as usual. Some severe movements will cause their belly discomfort. If you accidentally hit the corner of the table, it will be extremely easy to cause the cat’s abortion.For those shovel officers who have cats and dogs in their homes, this risk is even higher.

The symptoms of cats of cats are usually related to their pregnancy time. If the cat has a miscarriage in two weeks of pregnancy, we occasionally discuss a little red secretion from the cat’s vulva.Some objects with long pregnancy are also expels some objects.

For premature cats, the process will be the same as normal delivery, but the time required is shorter, and the fetus without full moon will be expelled.

When some cats have not yet produced, cats are already born in their abdomen. Cats can find that there is no fetal movement through professional instruments during production, and the cat’s cervix opens and secretes thin mucus.

If a cat has an early abortion, the baby in the belly is often absorbed by the cat’s body, and if there is a miscarriage in the middle and late pregnancy, these cases usually occur. Either the dead fetus is excreted, or the baby is decomposed into corruption and turns into corruption after being decomposed.The liquid or decomposition products are discharged with the vagina.

In fact, the shovel officer should not be too panic. Cat abortion is not common, but we plan ahead to prevent problems before they occur. The veterinarian Xiaoming will tell you how to prevent cats’ abortion.

• Body examination before pregnancy is essential

Before the cat is pregnant, the shoveling officer should take them to do a comprehensive physical examination to ensure that their physical conditions permit can be prepared for pregnancy and do insect repellent. This can also prevent the fetus from being affected by parasites and develop deformity.

• Make a comprehensive balance of nutrition

During the cat’s pregnancy, the shoveling officer should supplement them with protein -rich foods, but it cannot allow cats to take excessive fat, which will cause the baby to grow too much and cause cats to produce.

• Don’t let cats frightened

During the cat’s pregnancy, the shoveling officer should try not to let them jump up to prevent accidental touching the stomach. If there are pets that have different pets at home, try to isolate them to prevent them from fighting for physical damage.

Therefore, raising cats is like raising children.Since the shoveling officials regard them as a member of the family, they must take care of them as much as possible.


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