Can’t you raise dogs when you are pregnant?Dogs are born to swim?Have you recruited 6 rumors of raising dogs?

Have parents heard many sayings after raising dogs?For example, dogs cannot eat salt, dog hair will sucked into the lungs, and dogs cannot be raised.

In fact, this is some of the long -circulated dog raising misunderstandings. Today, Yuanyuan will take a look at the dog raising rumors in those years. See if you are recruited!

In fact, dogs cannot be eaten at all. Salt is a necessary element in the dog’s body. Proper intake of some salt does not cause hair loss.

If the dog does not eat salt for a long time, it may affect health, and cause skin diseases and a lot of hair loss due to lack of salt.

But dogs should control the amount of salt. Generally speaking, salt in dog food is enough for daily needs.

Every time the hair changes, the dog hair is flying in the sky, and some pick -up officers will worry about whether they will suck the dog hair into the lungs.

Don’t underestimate human respiratory defense systems. What you breathe in the nasal cavity, trachea, bronchial barrier, etc. The length of the dog hair is very long and it is impossible to pass through the nose hair.

Dog hair is also a relatively large foreign body. Even if it is sucked in, the trachea will respond, and people will cough or sneeze.Furthermore, there are ciliacs in the lungs, and they will never enter the alveoli.

The dog’s whole body is covered by hair. It can only discharge most of the heat through the mouth by quickly panting, and a small amount of heat is discharged by the sweat glands of the foot pad.

It is not recommended to shave the dog’s hair, because the hair can protect the skin, resist ultraviolet rays and heat insulation, and shave is easy to sunburn, mosquito bite, and skin diseases.

You can shave the soles of the dog to enhance the heat dissipation ability.Long -haired dogs can be repaired into short hair, but remember to leave at least 1 to 2 cm or more.

Dogs are born to swim -this dog raising rumors has harmed countless dogs!

Not all dogs can swim. Many dogs swimming for the first time will be nervous and scared.And some dogs, such as Bagol sausages with light heads and short nasal cavity, and Fa Dou Yingdou, are not suitable for swimming.

Therefore, no matter whether the dog is born or not, the dog needs to pay close attention to the owner’s entire process once the dog is launching.

Many parents are afraid that dogs will lack calcium, but they do not know where they start. They may choose to eat some big bones for the dogs to supplement calcium.

In fact, the calcium in the bones is difficult to digest and absorb direct absorption by the dog’s gastrointestinal, and most of them are discharged from the body with feces.And the bones are more fat.

If you want to supplement calcium to the dog, the fastest and comprehensive way is to give it pet calcium tablets.

Before Yuan and Yuan, the tweet "Can a dog feel the master’s pregnancy?"In", there are fans left a message asking this question.

Yuan Yuan has encountered a lot of situations that give away the dog away because of pregnancy.I heard that dogs will have toxoplasma, and toxoplasma can cause abortion of pregnant women, fetal malformations, and so on.

From a scientific perspective, the main risk of pregnant dogs is toxoplasma.The main way for human infection of Toxoplasma is to eat raw meat.

The dog is the middle host of the bowworm, and its feces and excreta are not contagious.Gow -shaped worms are mainly existed in the blood and muscles of the dog, and there may also be toxoplasma in the mouth.

Unless you and your dog kiss or eat dog meat, you may be infected. Normally contacting that hygiene will not be infected with toxoplasma.

And as long as the dogs are regularly deworming and vaccine, do not feed raw meat. It is very risk for the infection of Toxoplasma.

I hope that the picked officers can raise dogs scientifically, don’t trust the rumors, let the dog grow up healthily and happily ~

Have you ever heard of some rumors to raise dogs?Let’s take a rumor together!

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