Can’t you exercise 3 months before pregnancy?

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"Exercise during pregnancy" is usually treated by people, and some people think if they are fierce.But there are always people who find a way that suits them during pregnancy.The mother of Dingxiang Mom Planet @joanna has gone through such a process.

The first 3 months of pregnancy is always very "mysterious":

Can’t just tell others that they are pregnant

Do not eat cold, spicy food, and seafood all kinds of seafood

Can’t move things, can’t climb high

Can’t exercise, you have to lie down and walk less

I have a lot of statements. My attitude is "Nothing special anyway, don’t do it if you don’t do it."But about exercise, emmm … you need a question mark face here.

I have always liked jogging, enjoying the scenery while running, and then sweating.Later, after getting the gym card, I will also make some equipment, gradually challenge the greater weight, and enjoy the slight soreness of the muscles.

When I was pregnant, the value was not very good at the time of the examination. The doctor asked the medicine to take medicine and review it every week, so I thought, "It’s just three months, don’t move it, just raise it, let’s talk about it later."So even walking was extremely slow.Until one day was a bit busy, in a hurry in the company, and sometimes a woman like a wind run around.On the way home that day, when I was sitting in the car, I suddenly thought of a question, "There is no problem flying like this, why do you want to walk like a snail?"

Since that day, I have resumed exercise.

What exercise?

I mainly take jogging and fast walking.I have also done some equipment, but because I do n’t dare to use core power, the power is not great, so I feel that it is not cool enough, so I returned to my favorite jogging and quick walk.

When the body was brisk, it was jogging in the early stage, and the belly was getting bigger and heavier in the back of the back.

I have also tried swimming, but gave up for various reasons.There are too many people in the summer in summer, and it is too easy to be kicked.The weather was cold and felt a little cold.If there is a pool with a higher water temperature, you can also swim.If you do n’t know how to swim, but there is a swimming pool, and another good choice is to walk in the swimming pool.Water’s buoyancy can reduce pressure on legs and waist.

What to pay attention to?

Safe, must be safe!

➊ The first is environmental safety

Sometimes I walk on the trail near the community, but I encounter a child’s sliding car several times, super fast, some almost hit me and I was avoided by me.It’s on the ass.After two or three times, I dare not dare to shake in a place where there are many people (mainly children).Even if I walked on the treadmill for nearly an hour, I was also on the treadmill, so at least no one would interfere with me.

体 Followed by your own physical safety

The degree of exercise must be comfortable.During pregnancy, it is not suitable to challenge your limits.It is not recommended to try it during pregnancy.I can feel that my heart rate is slightly accelerated, and my god is refreshing after exercise.

If you rarely move before, you will be very good when you can "go a hundred steps after meals" instead of "eating and drinking good Ge You lying".

Exercise during pregnancy is not how standard actions do or improve your exercise ability, but move.Have you done some targeted exercise arrangements during pregnancy?Or during pregnancy, do you find the story of "this can still be like this during pregnancy"?Welcome to share it ~

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1. Adjustment of life during pregnancy

Pregnancy exercise planning, diet arrangement, pregnancy travel, study, etc.

2. Symptoms of discomfort during pregnancy

Swallowing, puffiness, poor sleep?What are the symptoms of your pregnancy?

3. My childbirth story

Is it a cesarean section? Is the production process the same as what you expected?

4. Unforgettable production inspection experience

NT, sugar resistance, large -scale deformed, which delivery test makes you impressive?

5. In addition, the content of the pregnancy you want to share can be

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