Can’t play mobile phones during pregnancy, use microwave oven?It is a harmful fetus, but it is not

I believe that many people have heard that they cannot play mobile phones during pregnancy, they must be far away from microwave ovens, refrigerators, and computers, otherwise radiation will hurt the fetus.But in fact these electrical appliances can be used whether they are pregnant or children, which will not cause harm to the human body.

1. Radiation is non -ionized radiation

For example, the radiation of household electrical appliances of microwave oven and induction cookers is actually "non -ionizing radiation". This radiation energy is relatively low and cannot ionize atoms or molecules in the material.Such as ultraviolet thoughts, infrared rays, and radio waves are all such radiations. The sun that we can expose every day is also this radiation.Their energy is not high, which will only increase the temperature of the radiated material.Ionizing radiation is the harmful radiation to the human body. The wavelength is short, the frequency is high, and the energy is high, such as X -rays, α -rays, etc.In the list of carcinogens published by the World Health Organization International Cancer Research Agency, ionizing radiation belongs to a type of carcinogen.

2. Electric appliances are qualified products

At present, there is no clear scientific basis and evidence that the auxiliary food in the microwave oven will cause the fetus to develop well, and when the microwave oven is used, it will also heat the food when it is closed.Hurt.

3. How is the microwave oven to heated food?

Since the microwave oven is not harmful to the human body, how does it heat food?Everyone knows that friction raw heat, and food is composed of molecules. These molecules are called "polar molecules". Powering, microwave ovens generate electric fields to rotate and move the molecules, and then the molecular energy increases and the temperature rises.It’s right.When we turn off the microwave oven, then the electric field does not exist, the molecules stop exercise, and the food stops heating up.The air molecules are not very unveiled, so it is not heated by a microwave oven.Therefore, the material structure in the food in this process has not changed, but the energy has increased.This also shows that the heating of food in the microwave oven is not carcinogenic and is safe. Both pregnant women and children can eat foods for microwave heating.

4. Why are there such rumors?

As soon as we hear radiation, we often think of bad words such as cancer and mutation, but the supplementary food of the microwave oven is only "energy launch".For example, X -ray, radioactive elements (Mrs. Curie’s radium) decay radiation particles can cause creatures to cancer, because their energy is too great.

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