Can’t live after leaving WeChat for 9 days?

That day, I uninstalled the WeChat in my mobile phone, and there was a reason "I don’t like WeChat, no longer need her."

Like many post -80s and post -90s, I was brought into the circle of social software step by step by that penguin step by step.At that time, QQ upgrades, bright icons, personalized grouping, personality signatures, cool avatars, super pretty numbers are all the goals we are pursuing.

At that time, the "Didi" reminder of the keys and mobile phones seemed to be a memory that our generation could not erase.

The ambiguity of we and penguins is still underway, and the appearance of WeChat hurts the baby’s heart like Song Yan.More and more people have migrated the main line to WeChat, and I have to start a journey of "shaking".

To this day, QQ still explodes WeChat in many places, which is beyond doubt.

① Personalized theme, personality homepage, custom air bubble, personality prompt sound.QQ is really humane in this regard, and meets the needs of many people;

WeChat is the same green. It seems that the phrase "If you want to live, you have to bring a little green."

② All kinds of chat records that I want to delete and cannot be deleted are the most annoying things I have since I used WeChat.My personal WeChat is the customer WeChat, which is basically used as a working number, so it involves many customers sent by customers, the forms issued by the boss, information, and the offer to customers.

delete?In the future, some details of the customers will be forgotten, and even Zhang Guan Li Dai will cause embarrassment.

Don’t delete it?The cache has accumulated a lot of time, the mobile phone is getting more and more stuck, and the system will inevitably collapse directly.

(This is my mobile phone)

QQ has 2 years of chat records and roaming. Even if the mobile phone record is cleared, the cloud can still be synchronized at any time, that is, or information fragments needed, you can also view it through other devices. When your mobile phone is broken once, you will experience his practicalityIt’s right.

③ Weishang flying around and caught off guard.

The popularity of WeChat is doomed to become a base for WeChat.All kinds of advertisements that make you stunned and laughed.(Xiao Mengxin said that if you do n’t know what to do with your pregnancy and shrinking yin, one is thousands of troops to seize the Norman bottom, and the other is just because of the sheep intestine trail.Intersection

With this little emotion, I unloaded WeChat and started the life of Xanadu.

On the first day, I came to Yidi Port for lunch and ordered a savory claypot rice in the Cashimo Emperor.I have a credit card, an ID card, and a few change.At that time, it was particularly embarrassing. The waiter stared at me at the counter. He wondered why this person was unwilling to use his mobile phone to scan the code?No way, I changed a Lanzhou ramen and ordered a food below 20 yuan.

After eating 10 minutes, I took out the change in the parking fee, went home home, and appreciated the bridge Weiyang.

The next day, I went to a coffee in Sanlitun to attend a GOOGLE Chinese developer gathering. The organizer was my old colleague, and the co -organizer was a friend of friends.After entering the venue, I just caught up with everyone to take a group photo. Because of the lack of WeChat, I no longer took pictures like before; since I didn’t take pictures, there was no idea of sending a circle of friends.

On the third day, I went to Wangjing SOHO to see my friends. Friends please have lunch, so it doesn’t matter what pay.I never took out the phone, and realized that the two actively communicated at the dining table without playing with the phone.Suddenly I thought that there would be a 50 % discount on Wangjing Soho’s store to pay!

—————— Lost.

On the fourth day, a colleague sent a message in QQ and said, "Recently, Zhang Sheng has been promoted to the director, and the red envelope in the group can be broad! And Momo, recently I don’t know where to meet the son of a real estate developer.There are few words, just to send a red envelope if there is something wrong, and you can grab 30 oceans at a black face. "

Why did you listen to it? I haven’t been on WeChat these days, and I have missed several billion yuan.

On the fifth day, when I came to the Ginkgo Avenue of Diaoyutai, I could take a few photos according to the past habits. Send a circle of friends.But after sending it?Everyone praised all kinds of greetings, all kinds of curiosity.Out of politeness, you have to reply one by one, and use the good time to use it to talk and chat with words.Let’s enjoy the present honestly.People, I often spend too much time to take pictures during the trip and share. In fact, I did not really see the scenery clearly. Before enjoying it quietly, I was busy sharing with others.Woolen cloth?

On the sixth day, I heard that the circle of friends in the circle of friends is good. There is no difference between whoever sends. I do n’t seem to send it.In the era of information explosion, how many duplicate content is wasted to waste the Internet with energy?What is the difference?At this time, I suddenly remembered Deng Ziqi’s song- "It’s all group hair, only a moment of flowering, all your promises, all of which are too fragile."

On the seventh day, sleeping eyes were hazy, and my mother called, and I was shocked.My mother said that I didn’t return her for a few days, thinking something was wrong. I said that I was very good, so she hung up the phone.(Because before that, every time I answered my mother call, I would say, "I do it now, and the work content of work is to call. You call, sometimes I am talking about customers, sometimes I callTired, I will be bored at this time. ")

Therefore, after the WeChat voice function, I started to carry my mother’s sentence.Although they will go to open it, most of them are just half of the next sentence, because I can guess the following content, haha.

From the eighth day, I decided to go outside and play mobile phones less, such as reading books, listening to songs, swimming, writing, teasing dogs.Life is still colorful.

I can go to Wangjing this Korean shoppin ginseng chicken soup. The chicken is smooth and sweet, the soup is very beautiful, the full glutinous rice in the chicken breast+ginkgo+ginseng+red dates, delicious and tonic, the six beautiful cold dishes have their own flavor (KoreaSoaked radish+secret kelp+green onion green pepper+cucumber carrot combination+sauce garlic moss+Korean spicy cabbage), and give a glass of ginseng wine ~!(I heard that Park Geun -hye has always used this with Wan Aike, I don’t know if it is true and false.)

I can go to Wangfujing to see people, watch dolls, and watch churches.

You can also taste the cost -effective king of "Hagens Das" -a crispy tube of one dollar, a crispy card, especially fragrant.

You can also scattered this art garden on Baiziwan Road.(Even if there is no interest.)

You can also go to the Dad’s house to accompany him. Seeing what good -looking cups in his cabinet can be used as your own.

You can also sign the leaves collected last time, sign the name, take a photo.(No one is expected by tomorrow. What if I get angry? What if the people in Chaoyang District pushed me on the headline? How difficult is it to sign at that time, right?Ah ~!)

After the tea, you can also drink the liquor and appreciate the moon.

When I uninstalled WeChat, I was worried that I couldn’t live without WeChat.

As a result, I left WeChat on the ninth day, and the bad thing finally appeared — I passed by the pharmacy, and I was curious to say weight. I even got two pounds!

"Oh ~! Yaji butterfly ~! I even got two pounds of fat ~!"

Fortunately, leaving WeChat, I was alive.I found that there is no WeChat, I can still live so interesting ~!

Life is not only WeChat and circle of friends, but also poetry and distance, bridge Weiyang, star father, Du Kang.

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