Can’t eat crabs and hawthorn when pregnancy?The real dangerous food is actually them

As we all know, the nutrition of pregnancy is very important, which is related to the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.Therefore, the diet taboos are here.

Can’t eat hawthorn;

Can’t eat crabs;

Can’t eat spicy;

Can’t eat longan lychee;

Do not put pepper, star anise, cinnamon, fennel;


These are actually rumors without basis.

Is the diet during pregnancy?In fact, it is not. The following five types of food still need to be vigilant and attention.

Foods that should be avoided during pregnancy


Seafood with high mercury content

Although seafood is rich in protein and many fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that can promote the development of fetal brain and eyes.However, some fish and shellfish foods have reached the level of danger, such as large -eyed tuna, Atlantic horse mackerel, swordfish, square fish, etc.Excessive mercury can damage the normal development of the child’s nervous system.


Raw or not cooked food

The most common is all kinds of half -life beef, eggs, shellfish and sashimi.

Because if you cannot ensure that these foods are safe and hygienic, eating raw or semi -cooked can easily cause E. coli, Toxoplasma, Liste bacteria, etc., and Salmonella infection, which brings danger to pregnant mothers and babies.When the situation is serious, it will even cause the fetus to die in the palace, so eat it if you are cooked.

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Dairy products that have not been disinfected by Basar

Milk products that have not disinfected by Paas may cause food -based diseases, so they cannot be eaten.In addition, do not drink uninterrupted juice.


No clean vegetables and fruits

To remove all harmful bacteria, we must completely clean all fresh fruits and vegetables.In addition, avoid eating any types of sprouts, such as buds, radish buds and mung bean sprouts, because they may also contain pathogenic bacteria.Therefore, be sure to cooked sprouts thoroughly.

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Even if pregnant women drink in moderation, it will affect the development of the fetal brain. Too much drinking may cause facial malformations, heart defects and intellectual development of the fetus, and even increase the risk of miscarriage and dead tires.

Foods that should be eaten less during pregnancy

Although some foods do not need to be taboo during pregnancy, they still have to eat less.


Food containing caffeine

You can drink coffee during pregnancy, but the amount of coffee is limited. The daily intake of caffeine is less than 200mg.It should be noted that in addition to coffee, tea, milk tea, cola and other beverages, it also contains caffeine.

For example, 240ml coffee contains about 95mg caffeine, 240ml of tea contains about 47 mg caffeine, and 360ml cola contains about 33mg caffeine.


High sugar and high fat food

As we all know, a high -sugar and high -fat diet can cause obesity.Although pregnant mothers need to increase their weight during pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s weight growth is too fast, which may occur with problems such as pregnancy hypertension, gestational diabetes, and huge children, which is not good for themselves and the baby.

So eat less high sugar, high -fat foods during pregnancy.

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In the end, although there are some things that cannot be eaten or eating less for the time being, the mothers need to restrain themselves slightly, but hard work is worth it.Because it makes you harvest a healthy body and cute baby, it also makes you develop good eating habits.

It is hoped that every Baoma can avoid stepping on thunder during the dietary journey during pregnancy and gain health and happiness.

Part of the content of this article comes from the Mayo Clinic Knowledge Base, which is authorized by Hui every medical review and authorized Gaoji Medical.

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