Can’t drink soy milk during menstruation?Experts rumor!

Menstruation is a topic that women can never go around.Recently, the topic”近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 has caused widespread discussion among netizens."Mung beans and soy beans are cold" "Can’t eat corn, otherwise you will have" blood collapse "" "mango, banana, grapes, and painful" … For a time, all kinds of menstrual diet taboos also followedIt is a bit "overwhelmed."Is the menstrual taboos of the menstrual period, or have scientific medical experience?How should women eat a healthy diet during menstruation?

In most people’s cognition, cool and cold foods are best to eat less, especially during menstruation, eating too much may lead to dysmenorrhea and abnormal discharge of menstrual blood.Recently, some netizens said that the raw materials of soy milk are also cool. The topic of "do not drink soy milk during menstruation" has also come.But in fact, this is not the case!

"Soybean is a relatively mild ingredient, flat sex, and high nutritional value." Director Dai Yongmei, chief physician of the Nutrition Department of Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said in an interview with reporters that generally, it is recommended that women drink 250ml-500ml each time.Soymilk is beneficial to supplement nutrients such as plant protein and lecithin, but be careful to cook it, because there is a substance called "Tentonase inhibitor" in soybeans.Abdominal distension and diarrhea occur.

The food itself is not good or bad.How to eat menstruation?In fact, there are no uniform standards.What women really pay attention to is to properly avoid cold foods during menstruation, such as ice drinks, ice cream, etc."The cold diet may cause the uterine smooth muscle contraction. The menstruation cannot be excluded in time, and the phenomenon of reduced menstruation or dysmenorrhea occurs." Director Dai Yongmei explained, and the so -called cold foods such as seafood, bitter gourd, mung bean are cookedAfter that, the cold will also be greatly weakened."For those who did not have dysmenorrhea, there is no need to deliberately avoid these foods and maintain the normal healthy eating habits in the past."

"Grapefruit does not dare to eat" "" Rolling cream and chocolate as soon as it is eaten "… But it is undeniable that many people have so -called" diet taboos "during menstruation.In this case, Director Dai Yongmei gave four words: personal constitution."Pay attention to physical conditioning, which is more important than ‘menstrual taboos’."

However, there are also some dietary precautions to avoid other discomfort during menstruation.Director Dai Yongmei reminded that too salty food can be appropriately controlled during menstruation, such as sausage, salt, salted duck eggs, etc.Because the level of progesterone in women during menstruation is relatively high, too much salt can easily cause water sodium retention, and the headache and edema during menstruation will follow."Female patients with a lot of menstruation can appropriately increase intake of iron -containing foods, such as pork liver, duck blood, beef, etc. to prevent excessive menstrual blood and anemia symptoms."

(Source: Yangtze Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist Xu Qianqian)

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[Source: Yangtze Evening News/Zi Niu News]

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