Cancer cells love "sweets"?Studies have found that cancer cells love protein more and subvert cognition

Cancer has always been a gap that humans are difficult to cross.Knowing that cancer cells like to eat "sweets", so I gritted their teeth to ring the sweets, and I did n’t eat a sweet one. As a result, there is a saying that cancer cells prefer to eat "protein".is this real?There are proteins in meat, eggs, and milk. Can I not eat it in the future?

As we all know, cancer cells are not controlled. Their only purpose of them is division and proliferation, which eventually destroys the balance of the body and causes human death.In previous studies, people found that cancer cells would compete for the energy of normal cells as their own use. Most of them consumed are glucose, which is also the illusion that many patients can prevent the development of cancer cells without eating sugar.

What is the relationship between cancer cells and sugar?

Studies have found that people with high blood sugar have high risk of cancer. The study confirmed the relationship between sugar metabolism and cancer cells and was published in the authoritative magazine "British Cancer Magazine".

Another study from Harvard University also confirmed that the high -sugar diet will increase the risk of cancer. These women are characterized by drinking more than 4 cups of sugar drinks a day, and the risk of liver cancer increased by 78%.

Both studies are strong evidence, indicating that cancer cells love to eat "sweets". In other words, if you can eat less sugar, you can really help prevent cancer to reduce risk.

The environment inside the person who eats sugar for a long time will change, the level of inflammation is rising, the internal organs are filled with fat, and the hormone levels are disordered. Such people’s immunity will also be poor. Various reasons will increase the risk of cancer.Especially the amount of sugar is added with excessive consumption, such as the white sugar fried with vegetables, the syrup added to the milk tea, and so on.

However, compared with sugar, cancer cells seem to prefer "protein". What is going on?

Undverted cognition!Compared with sugar, cancer cells still have more favorite things, that is -protein

First ask everyone a question, what cells consume the most in the tumor?

You may not hesitate to say that it is tumor cells, but scientists have found that the most energy consumption is the immune cells in the tumor after repeated experiments in tumor models.

It’s so rolled. The tumor also has immune cells, and they work harder than ordinary tumor cells. They desperately compete for energy and nutrients to make the human body weaker.There is also a more subverted cognitive discovery that these immune cells are competing for glucose, but protein!

The more deeper studying the cancer cells, the more you find that it is too smart and cunning.

Having said that, many people may be confused. Can they eat sugar and protein?Or just don’t eat it?

The body cannot lack sugar and protein, and people who lack are more harmful

Lack of sugar hazards

Insufficient intake leads to lack of satiety, always wants to eat, unable to focus on work and study.While insufficient heat, the body activity decreases and the metabolic rate decreases, but it will slowly gain weight.

Sugar supply energy for the human body. Without sugar, the human body will reduce the energy by 60%-70%. Entering the energy-saving mode. In addition to maintaining core organ work, energy supply will be reduced. ThereforeEssence

Lack of protein hazards

Patients with low muscle content are weak, the ability to resist the risk of surgery and chemotherapy is relatively weak, the body can’t stand the toss, and the wound on the body recovers slowly, and cannot get out of bed normally.

Muscles are mobility. Patients often have bedsores and pulmonary embolism in bed, and they will exacerbate muscle atrophy and cause them to not walk normally.In addition, protein also affects the use of other nutrients, with slow growth, easy skin cracking, and insufficient qi and blood.

Whether it is sugar or protein, it should be added reasonably. Cancer cells are not starved to death. Only those who are injured in the end are themselves. They should eat and drink.Rice and steamed buns can be eaten normally.

Prevent cancer tells you a method -cancer screening

Women over 45 years old, it is recommended to do breast screening

The breasts are easily affected by hormones, and the hormone of women often changes. After middle age, a screening must be performed to evaluate the risk of cancer. Especially women who have never been born and women who have a history of cancer should be a breast ultrasound or breast

Old smokers, it is recommended to do a lung CT time

The mortality and incidence of lung cancer have always been ranked high. As more and more people smoke, people also pay special attention to it. In addition to smoking people, workers who often contact dust and small fibers at work should also pay attention to find that their fingers are found to find their fingers.When the head becomes thicker and the cough is not good for a long time, a check can be at ease.

Friends with intestinal polyps should actively screen colorectal cancer

Some people think that the food is a symbol of money and happiness. This concept is changed. Eating nest, grain and porridge is not because of poor, but proper health. Refined rice noodles, red meat, and fried foods will increase the intestine.The risk of Dao Di, if a big family likes a high -fat diet, should pay attention to intestinal health.

Men who are over 60 years old have more attention to the prostate

Therogens should retire after the age of 50. If you continue to be active in the post, it is not a good thing. High androgen may increase the risk of prostate cancer. Especially friends who love to eat meat, you should pay attention to maintenance, regularlyDo PSA inspection.

It is not what cancer cells love to eat, but we ca n’t eat anything, but to control it reasonably and appropriately. Scientifically eat. Those milk tea, barbecue, and pickles really eat less.If you want to stay away from cancer, you should also pay attention to screening and find it early to hold it to prevent it from harming your body.

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