Can you supplement iron to eat spinach?Which dietary methods can help treat iron deficiency anemia?

Among the general people, it is a rumor that spinach contains more iron. Eating every day can help treat iron deficiency anemia.Many parents also coax their children like this. They like to eat spinach, they will not get sick, and they can also be as powerful as strong sailors. They can become Ultraman and defeat various little monsters.Spinach, can you really replenish iron and help to overcome anemia?Let’s see the truth together.

Spinach is a traditional vegetable on our blue planet. More than 2000 years ago, the Persians began to plant. In the 21st year of the Tang Dynasty, the envoys of the neighboring country brought spinach seeds to Changan, and spinach began to settle in China.Spinach is rich in iron. This statement began in 1870. At that time, a German chemist named Wolf published a paper that spinach can be compared with red meat. Later, this view was enabled by encyclopedia.As a result, eating spinach ironing has become the so -called scientific common sense.

The image of the strong sailor comes from the comics created by cartoonist Xike in 1929, and the protagonist is the sailor Boschi.In 1933, the serial comics were filmed as a cartoon film.At that time, the beautiful country was in the economic depression period, and the Poster was like an iron man, and Kong Wu was powerful. He could clean up his love rivals at any time and let those who were hungry because of unemployment were surging.It’s cool, learn waves, eat spinach, and find a few love enemies in the future.As a result, the sailors who eat spinach are popular in the world, and spinach iron supplementation is more popular.

The imagination is rich, but the reality is skinny.Although the image of a strong sailor has increased the sales of canned spinach at the time more than 30%, the controversy continued.In 1934, some scholars said that 35 mg of iron contains per 100 grams of spinach.However, some people immediately stood up and corrected, saying that 100 grams of dried spinach contained up to 35 mg of iron, and only 20%would be absorbed.The current scientific conclusion is that per 100 grams of spinach contains 2.7 mg of iron.

It is worth mentioning that, compared with other green leafy vegetables, the iron content is slightly better than other green leafy vegetables.Moreover, the focus of the iron sources, including hemoglobin iron, non -hemoglobin iron, vegetables, beans, grains, seaweed, eggs, and shellfish.The absorption rate is only 1%.Then, if you count it, eat 100 grams of spinach, and can only absorb 0.027 mg iron.According to dietary nutrition suggestions, adult men’s daily iron intake should reach 12 mg, and women should reach 14 mg.Relying on eating spinach iron to supplement iron, it is necessary to eat tons of land. Eat people as green as spinach, and cannot maintain the need for iron supplementation.

Iron deficiency anemia and high incidence. Therefore, iron supplementation is auxiliary measures to prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia. However, the primary measures for prevention and treatment of diseases are to clarify the cause, and for the cause of the cause.From the perspective of food therapy, in fact, in the case of health, as long as the diet is balanced and there is no problem of partial eclipse or picky eaters, it will not cause the lack of necessary or trace elements.Therefore, if there are diseases such as ischemic anemia, the body should be checked first. For example, you need to clarify whether there is a cause of chronic bleeding or tumor cause too much iron loss.If it is an iron deficiency caused by disease factors, the iron is usually required directly. The common variety is iron sulfate or iron citrate.

Food therapy, reliable choice is the food of animal sources. For example, the iron content per 100 grams, the pig’s blood is about 9 mg, the chicken liver is about 12 mg, the pork liver is about 23 mg, the chicken blood is about 25 mgEssenceHowever, eating too many animal liver can cause excessive cholesterol intake, and it will also produce purine and affect the level of uric acid.Therefore, the appropriate choice is chicken blood or duck blood.At the same time, the intake of lean meat should be appropriately increased. By supplementing high -quality protein, it should promote the absorption of iron, and provide raw materials for the body to synthesize hemoglobin.In addition, eat more fruits to supplement vitamin C to help the absorption of iron. Moreover, you need to control dietary fiber, coffee, tea and other intakes to avoid affecting the absorption of iron.Smart as you, you should think that the best solution for iron and iron is the blood of chicken or duck blood.

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