Can you eat crabs when you are pregnant?

This is the 2008 article by Da Yi Xiaoyu

The autumn wind rises, the crab feet are itchy; the chrysanthemum is opened, and the crab comes

It is another year when the golden autumn chrysanthemums are full of popularity.In the Song Dynasty writer Su Dongpo wrote in "Ding Gong Silent Sending Crab Poems": "Strongly Wu Xing’s eunuch, one poem in exchange for two pointed groups." He would rather use a poem to exchange for two crabs (two tips), which can be seen.He also said: "Lushan has lost his eyes, and you don’t eat crabs." It can be seen that the fat is beautiful!Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "Crab, rampant beetle. The male umbilical, female umbilical group, born in the flowing water, is yellow and fishy, born in the water -stop color and the color.Tibetan, bad collection, wine immersion, and sauce are all good products. "It sounds mouth -watering!

When the pregnant mother is preparing to be fast, the sound next to her comes: not allowed to eat!Eating crabs will have a miscarriage!The baby to eat crabs will become horizontal!Babies who eat crabs will spit bubble!

So, can pregnant mothers eat?

Crab: You are serious, so destroy my reputation, be careful that I will get a big pliers hammer your chest!

Motherland Medical perspective

For any food, don’t forget the ancient people’s dietary laws. In "Golden Essentials," mentioned: "The taste of drinking is suitable for the disease, and it is harmful to it.It means that you should pay attention to diet.So how to pay attention?Because the food is chilling, cold, flat, warm, hot, sour, bitter, sweet, Xin, and salty, the ancients gave a reply: "Diet is used to keep healthy, but not knowing that the materiality is available., Light, there are five discomforts, and the focus is on the disaster. "

Crab flavor is salty, cold, small toxic, enters liver and stomach meridians.Can nourish tendon and nourish qi, treat stomachs, disperse heat, pass through the meridians, and solve the blood.Because of the cold crab, if the pregnant mother itself is a yang deficiency, it cannot be greedy for a while, which will cause posterior trouble.Because crabs can pass through the meridians and solve the blood, it is not recommended to eat too much during pregnancy."Famous Medicine" records: Crab Claw "Main Broken Terone Abortion." Although there is no clinical data confirmation, for safety reasons, the crab feet should be left for her husband!


Characteristics of yang deficiency -usually easy to be afraid of cold, cold hands, feet or lower abdomen, hot diet, easy to diarrhea, easy to fatigue.

Modern Medicine perspective

From the perspective of modern nutrition, crabs are rich in nutrition, rich in various mineral elements (zinc, selenium, copper, iodine, etc.), crab paste rich in fat, crab yellow contains phospholipids, vitamin and other substances, high protein in crab meat, high protein in crab meat, and high protein in crab meat.,low fat.

But crabs are also high cholesterol foods. Even if you eat a smaller hairy crab, the cholesterol intake of a day is easy to exceed the standard.If the pregnant mother itself has hypertension and hyperlipidemia, they must be restrained, so eat as little or not!

In addition, the purine content of crabs is still high in seafood. The purine content per 100g of crab meat is about 130 mg, and foods such as milk, vegetables, and fruits are less than 25 mg of purine ingredients per 100 grams.Therefore, for pregnant mothers with gout or high uric acid, they must still stay away!

Of course, if pregnant mothers are allergic to crabs before pregnancy or diarrhea after eating crabs, then they cannot be eaten, because these symptoms are "risk factor" for pregnant women, please "refuse to eat".

Choosing "Good Mom", more reliable with "ginger, perilla"

Because the crab itself is cold, it is recommended to eat ginger vinegar when eating crabs; in addition, it is also a good choice with perilla. These combinations can better reduce the coldness of the crab itself.


Ginger -solution to the cold, warm and vomiting

Perilla -Solution Sanda cold, qi and stomach, qi and fetal fetus, relieve fish and crab poison

special attention items

Do not eat raw. Crab grows in rivers and lakes, and also likes small creatures, water plants and rotten animals. The body surface, gills and gastrointestinal tract are covered with bacteria and viruses such as bacteria and viruses.Eat raw crabs, drunk crabs, etc. There are no cooked crabs. Those who have diarrhea are light, and they are infected with various diseases.

Do not eat dead crabs. When the crabs are not fresh or corrupt, there are bacteria in the intestine in the crab’s body. As soon as the crabs die, these bacteria will leave the crab intestine and invade other places, such as the crab yellow crab meat.A large amount of bacteria breed can produce a dehydrated carboxyrase, and the ionized histidine in the crab body produces a large amount of histamine through the decarboxyrase.Cooking crabs can kill bacteria, but it cannot destroy histamine, and histamine is absorbed by the human body to cause poisoning.

Focus on

If you avoid the taboos of crab eating, you can still enjoy deliciousness, but you should also pay attention to choosing living crabs, washing, and cooking, and of course, do not excess!

If you change your mind, if you eat crabs, it will inevitably cause abortion, and the family planning department should be closed!Of course, eating crabs will not make the baby’s fetal position a horizontal position, let alone let the baby vomit bubble!

Author: Shanghai First Women’s and Infant Health Hospital

Wu Shengnan attending physician

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