Can the expectant mothers who are pregnant?Do all wisdom teeth be unplugged?

Many pregnant sisters know that tooth extraction after pregnancy is easy to cause miscarriage, and what if you do not extraction?Sometimes when preparing for pregnancy, wisdom teeth are very easy to inflammation. The expectant mothers can’t sleep all night all night, but they can’t take it.

Not long ago, when a sister was 8 months pregnant, suddenly toothache was difficult to be diagnosed with wisdom tooth inflammation. Because the month was too large, doctors could only use local rinse treatment to relieve inflammation.In the next month, the teeth were cleaned every other week. Fortunately, I finally controlled the inflammation by conservative treatment and gave birth to the baby.But the sin and luck they have suffered are really not worth imitation.Therefore, many sisters will ask, can I get my teeth when I am pregnant?When is the most suitable tooth extraction?

When the sisters who have problems with teeth are looking at the dentist, doctors usually say that if they are not painful or swollen, they can temporarily care about it, but as soon as you listen to you, you want to want a child, and you will immediately turn the tone.Otherwise, you will be troublesome when you are pregnant.Strangely, is it?The reason is actually "pregnancy".As soon as women are pregnant, hormones in the body have changed sharply, and teeth are easy to have problems.First of all, gingivitis (bleeding and bleeding of teeth) will rise.

Pregnant women’s wisdom tooth crown inflammation is often severe after the infection of concurrency and mandibular facial sides. In addition, changes in physiological and psychological factors of pregnant women make the treatment very tricky.Therefore, if you plan to ask your child’s sisters, it is best to check your teeth before, and control the foreseeable hidden dangers as much as possible, including washing your teeth, and it is to deal with the problem of wisdom teeth as soon as possible.

Can expectant mothers get teeth after entering the cycle?

After pregnancy, the stimulus occurred during dental diseases can easily induce abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, and premature births are prone to occur in the late pregnancy. Many pregnant women and family members refuse to use antibacterials because they are worried about the impact of IVF.Because the risk of abortion and premature birth will be very high, the first three months of pregnancy and the next three months, the expectant mothers cannot perform operations such as tooth extraction, so it is not suitable to extract teeth, or at least three months in the first three months.Suitable for tooth extraction.

However, if expectant mothers do not treat, toothache and infection directly affect the quality of life of pregnant women, such as eating disorders and sleep problems, severe dental disease may also affect pregnant women’s intake enough nutrition, thereby shadowing baby growth and development.In addition, the oral problem of pregnant women may also affect the fetus, resulting in the chances of infant premature birth and infant low birth weight, which is higher than the mother who is healthy.

In case things such as crown weeks and pulpitis are hit when they are pregnant, it will be quite tricky. I am afraid that I ca n’t bear it, but it ’s not to take medicine.So it will be a big trouble.Therefore, if the sisters have entered the week, they can go to the hospital to check their teeth more comprehensive.Suitable for solving "tooth problems".

Is it necessary to pull all the wisdom teeth of expectant mothers?

Not all wisdom teeth have to be pulled up, the wisdom teeth do not need to be pulled up, that is, the position of the wisdom teeth is very positive, and there are opposite tooth on the upper and lower teeth.EssenceThis wisdom teeth will not cause you trouble, so expectant mothers don’t have to worry.But if this is not the case, you should listen to the doctor’s opinion. In order to spend your pregnancy with your mind, you should pull it out.

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