Can the children ask for uterine fibroids during pregnancy?

Women’s uterus is the cradle of life at the beginning of life. Its health is the basis of the continuation and inheritance of life.Therefore, every woman should take good care of their uterus and don’t hurt it.Because women’s uterus is also very fragile, some inadvertent harm will leave deep damage to the uterus.As a result, gynecological diseases such as uterine adenomia, uterine fibroids, etc., can also cause uterine damage and affect fertility.In order to stay away from these damage, these behaviors must be avoided in life.

Do not pay attention to maintenance during menstruation

Each woman will go through the menstrual period, and the menstrual period is also a normal physiological cycle of women. Women’s uterus in menstrual periods is very fragile and easily attacked by cold.If you want to discharge menstruation smoother and avoid some toxin garbage in the uterus, eat less cold food during menstruation, and touch cold water during menstruation. In addition, eat more warm food to promote the discharge of menstruation.If you do not pay attention to maintenance during menstruation, it is likely to cause menstrual disorders, and there will be more and more hidden dangers in the uterus.


Many young men and women now have pre -marital sex. As women, they must protect themselves. Before sexual behavior, they must take contraception measures. This can also avoid unexpected pregnancy.Many women are pregnant when they are unmarried, and they will choose to solve this problem by abortion. Although the current mode of abortion is very advanced, it will not cause too much pain to women, but it will cause women’s uterus to cause the uterus’s uterusIf you have multiple abortion, you will also make the uterine wall thinner and thinner, which will reduce the possibility of fertility, which will even cause infertility.

Wrong contraceptive method

There are many ways to contraception now. The most common of which is the condom. Before the sexual behavior, women must choose the appropriate contraceptive method, contraceptive pills and placement in the palace converter. It is best to use less.Because it will cause serious damage to women’s bodies, and it will also make the uterine wall thinner and thinner, and there will be more and more germs in the uterus.

If a female friend wants to keep her uterus healthy, the three behaviors mentioned above are trying to stay away.If female friends protect themselves in daily life, the uterus will become healthier, and the bacteria will become less and less. It can also delay the aging speed of women, which makes women look younger.The most important thing is that the majority of female friends should not damage their fertility because of their ignorance and willfulness, and it will be too late to regret it.

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