Can swimming be pregnant?Just kidding

Do you think that swimming in the pool will cause pregnancy?According to the research by foreign scientists, if girls go swimming in the swimming pool, the probability of pregnancy is 30 million -in -one. This probability is very low, which is almost zero.Recently, a mother abroad was very angry, but went out to travel with her daughter, and then returned to her daughter to tell her that she was pregnant.

At that time, the mother was also very angry. When I went out for a trip, why did I get pregnant?So I asked my daughter what was going on?But her daughter told her that she didn’t know that she didn’t do anything, but she went swimming with her mother, and her daughter said, will it be a problem with the water in the swimming pool?This mother also believes that it should be the responsibility of the swimming pool. This water quality is problematic.So he asked the swimming pool to compensate, and he also said to give his daughter a statement.

The mother told the swimming pool, but the swimming pool felt that this was not their problem, because their water quality must have no problem.It is disinfected. Such water contains a lot of chemicals. It is very difficult to survive in such water quality.It is said that if swimming makes a girl pregnant, then this probability is not as good as buying lottery tickets.The person in charge of the swimming pool said that the mother’s statement was too outrageous.

This incident is also full of trouble, and the mother does not know what to do now.Later, a friend who lived with them at the time told the mother that one night, he saw her daughter go out alone at night, so going out at night should be to have a private meeting with her boyfriend.But the mother felt that her daughter would not lie to herself. The mother did not believe it, but she also asked her daughter, but her daughter couldn’t say, so she took her daughter to pistol.

After the reality of the rigage, the daughter did lie. The daughter told the truth of the matter under the question of her mother repeatedly, saying that she was not a problem of swimming pool at all, but because she had a boyfriend, because she dare not tell her mother thatThe truth, so you can only deceive the mother to say that it is a swimming pool.The mother knew the truth of this matter. It was really a thunderous. I felt that her daughter was still a 16 -year -old minor woman. Now she is pregnant. What should I do?

Earlier, a strange thing happened in his hometown. The 16 -year -old girl in the neighboring village swims to the swimming pool with her classmates. After a few months of home, there was a phenomenon of vomiting, fatigue, and drowsiness. She was sent to the hospital for examination and was pregnant.The girl’s parents insisted that the tutor was relatively strict, and the girl could not be alone with the opposite sex. It was determined that this was a "weird event". In the end, she also asked the "high -man" to do it to see what is going on.

After swimming, it was "weird event" after swimming?

When the girl teacher learned of it, it felt ridiculous and decided to trace the original committee.Based on the time of the girl’s pregnancy, the teacher calculated the approximate time point of the incident. When the girl swimming, there were men and women, and what was most likely to happen. So the girl asked for a question.I played a game and had intimate contact.However, girls are stupid and do not know the seriousness of things …

Parents will never think "sex education" is too early

The upcoming young girl has a relationship with the opposite sex, and she is still pregnant. I don’t know what’s going on. It is really embarrassing.On the surface, the "victim" of this incident was a boy in the same class, but the parents could not escape the responsibility and did not provide sexual education in time.

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