Can sugar friends eat sweet potatoes?Is sweet potato lift blood sugar or blood sugar?

First of all, let’s take a look at sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are potato. Its main nutritional ingredients are carbohydrates, mainly starch, and a small amount of glucose and sucrose, so it tastes sweet.

However, it has a lot of water content, so the total calories are not too high. After cooked, we have a sweet potato every 100 grams of sweet potatoes, and the calories are about 65 calories, while the calories per 100 grams of rice are about 116 calories;

Therefore, compared with sweet potatoes and rice, the calories are lower, and the dietary fiber is higher. In theory, sugar friends can eat sweet potatoes.

However, we still need to pay attention to the method and method of eating; the method of eating is wrong, it will also cause severe fluctuations in blood sugar after meals. So what should we eat?

First of all, patients with diabetes eat sweet potatoes. We recommend choosing steaming and cooking methods. It is recommended to steamed sweet potatoes, boiled sweet potatoes, and after cooking, it will absorb some moisture.In this way, the content of carbohydrates in its sweets is lower than that of sweet potatoes than raw sweet potatoes.Then at this time, we better eat it after cooling, so that the impact of blood sugar will be smaller.

The second is that it is not recommended to eat roasted sweet potatoes. In the process of cooking; the water of sweet potatoes will be evaporated in large quantities, and the volume will also become smaller, resulting in the increase in the proportion of carbohydrates, exceeding 30%.

And because after baking, the volume is reduced; then at this time, we are very easy to eat more, which will cause blood sugar to rise easily.

Third, we pay attention to diet, do not eat sweet potatoes, and do not eat other vegetables or meats.

Because eating sweet potatoes is equivalent to eating only staple foods, digestion and absorption faster; if it is eaten with vegetables, meat, etc., mixed food digestion and absorption will be much slower.In this way, our postprandial blood sugar will be more stable.At the same time, nutrition is more comprehensive.The impact on blood sugar will also be reduced a lot, so while eating sweet potatoes, you must also eat with vegetables, fish, shrimp, lean meat, soy products, etc., so that you can reduce the effect of blood sugar after consumption.

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