Can skin care products be used during pregnancy?Parenting expert: It can be used, pregnant mothers should be beautiful!

Guide: Xiao Zheng has been pregnant for more than 2 months. She has always used skin care products before pregnancy. However, her mother -in -law said that she could not use skin care products after pregnancy. It would affect the fetus., But I feel that the skin does not need to be skin care, the skin will grow old quickly, and there is no spirit.Help: Is it possible that the pregnant woman said that the pregnant woman can not use skin care products. Can skin care products be used during pregnancy?

Analysis: Pregnancy and having children are a major event in life, but after pregnancy, due to the changes in endocrine, many expectant mothers find that their skin is very dry or growing spots during pregnancy.Don’t dare to use skin care products.Afraid of choosing improperly, it will stimulate your skin and cause some harm to the fetus. In fact, you can also use skin care products during pregnancy. As long as you choose the correct skin care products for pregnant women, the skin can be less dry.

Can skin care products be used during pregnancy?

A parenting expert said that it is possible to use some skin care products properly during pregnancy during pregnancy. It is best to stop the cosmetics used before.Those who damage the skin and affect the skin and affect the pregnancy and genetic ingredients, choose some pure natural products to extract essence skin care products from the plants.Skin care products containing vitamin E are also better for pregnant women.

Many pregnant women find that the skin is most affected after pregnancy, so you must be careful when choosing a skin care product during pregnancy. Do not contain hormones and chemical composition that is harmful to the fetus.It is best to select products with mild pure plants and skin care products specifically for maternal use.Chemical products, whitening products, lipsticks, perfumes, nail polish are best not to contact, and regularly go to the hospital for production examination.

In fact, there is sufficient sleep during pregnancy. Pregnant women usually pay attention to sleep, because skin cell metabolism ability is fastest at night, so sufficient sleep and high sleep quality can also effectively skin care.But don’t stay up late, and you are thinking about the method in skin care.

Reminder: If you are pregnant, the basic skin care products are also available. You can buy skin care products for pregnant women, or you can buy baby cream, but if you make up, this is not recommended to use it.It ’s because you do n’t know what the cosmetics contain.During pregnancy, you can get healthy prenatal education, eat more fruits and vegetables, strengthen nutrition, take a walk after meals, strengthen your physique, maintain a happy mood, regularly take care of your baby, and regularly review the development of the fetus.This is conducive to fetal development.

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