Can pregnant women’s mouth ulcers only rely on tolerance?Doctor: These 5 methods are good and do not hurt baby babies

"Xiao Guo, what should I do if my oral ulcer is ulcerated? I can’t eat meals, can’t sleep well, will it affect the baby’s development?"

"Can you take medicine? Will you have an impact on your baby after taking medicine?"

Xiaoguo’s girlfriend had just pregnant with a second child, but got oral ulcers.

【1】 Diet structure changes

Some pregnant mothers change their tastes when they are pregnant. They are specially picky, resulting in unreasonable diet structure, resulting in insufficient intake of vitamin, especially vitamin B2.

【2】 Pregnancy

When pregnant, a person must provide the nutrition of two people, and the demand for nutrients for pregnant mothers has increased significantly.

However, some pregnant mothers, in the early stages of pregnancy, are very obvious in pregnancy, resulting in the lack of nutrients such as vitamin B2, and the lack of vitamin B will increase the probability of oral ulcers.

[3] Insufficient sleep at night

Throughout pregnancy, due to various reasons, pregnant mothers always do not get a good rest, such as frequent urination, increasing uterine compression, causing poor breathing, pain in the unblocked pubic bone, back pain, and so on.

It is not a good rest at night, and it is necessary to stick to work during the day. Excessive fatigue will also cause oral ulcers.

【4】 The pressure is too great

Due to the impact of hormone levels, some pregnant mothers are particularly easy to get angry, or are particularly easy to anxious. It ’s okay to worry about this, worry that, to increase pressure on themselves, and it will increase the incidence of oral ulcers for a long time.

[1] Maintain a good mental state

Pregnant mothers should learn to resolve their own pressure and anxiety, and learn to relax.

I am the biggest when I am pregnant. If you have something to say, don’t be in my heart, it really doesn’t work, just take the child and his father.

Pregnancy is not a matter of one person. I have a hard time pregnant.(Daddy, take it, all for the baby!)

[2] Pay attention to diet

When the pregnant mother has oral ulcers, the taboo is still not to be taboo.

For example, try not to eat or eat spicy stimulating diet, spicy crayfish, spicy duck neck … Well, let’s forget.

For example, the diet should be light, the intake of nutrients should be balanced, and the dietary structure should be reasonable.

In daily diet, you must not only ensure the intake of meat, dairy products, eggs and other foods, but also eat more fruits and vegetables contain vitamin foods. Of course, a certain amount of water drinks every day.

Of course, you can also go to the pharmacy to buy some composite vitamins to eat.

[3] Pay attention to oral hygiene

With oral ulcers, if the location is not good, it is painful to brush your teeth.

However, the oral cavity must be cleaned. If the cleaning is not good, it will breed bacterial infection, but it will prolong the course of the disease and even aggravate the condition.

Try to brush your teeth as possible without brushing.

If the pain is really unbearable and you cannot complete your brushing, you must rinse your mouth.

After eating each time you eat, you need to rinse your mouth carefully to remove the food residues in the mouth as much as possible.

We can rinse my mouth with water, or to rinse my mouth with salt water. Of course, we can also choose some drugs under the guidance of the doctor to rinse the mouth.

【4】 Choose medicine

When pregnant mothers have oral ulcers, our principles must be:

If you can use no medicine, try not to use the medicine, you can use medicine, try not to take medicine as much as possible.

General, mild oral ulcers, as long as you choose the conservative treatment above, it will improve after 1 to 2 weeks.

For pregnant mothers, the local medication is relatively safe. For example, you can choose: propolis ulcer stickers: Many pharmacies can be purchased, it is convenient and cheap, the effect is also good, and it is safer to pregnant mothers.Fiber growth factor: You need to go to the hospital to buy it. Fiber growth factor can promote the growth of cells to promote wound healing. Of course, the effect is better than that of propolis ulcers. Of course, its price will be more beautiful.

[5] What situation goes to the hospital

If the pregnant mother seriously affects eating because of the ulcer stove, and even the symptoms of fever, they must go to the hospital to find a doctor in time.

Moms, have you ever encountered oral ulcers?How are it better?Is it relying on?If you recognize Xiaoguo’s point of view, please like and forward it to let more pregnant mothers see and help more pregnant mothers.

I am a small fruit, a doctor of pediatrics at the Department of Sanjia Hospital, and the mother of the Erbao. For more than ten years of medicine, please pay attention to understanding the pregnancy and childcare knowledge.

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