Can pregnant women eat ice food?

When the weather is hot, we will choose cold foods such as ice milk tea and ice cream to cool down.Today, the topic of whether to help pregnant colleagues with ice milk tea has gained a fierce discussion. Can pregnant women eat ice food?Various views are different.

Some experts do not recommend the reason for pregnant women to eat ice, mainly due to the following 2 points:

1. After pregnancy, the gastrointestinal tract of pregnant women is relatively sensitive. Eating cold foods can easily lead to too fast gastrointestinal motility, cause diarrhea symptoms, spasm abdominal pain, and even severely induce uterine contraction.Essence

2. Things that are too cold may also directly stimulate the uterus, causing uterine contraction, and leading to the occurrence of miscarriage symptoms.

However, some pregnant women said that they did not have any adverse reactions during pregnancy.

So what should pregnant women do?This is different from person to person.The impact of hormone levels during pregnancy, the digestive function of pregnant women will change.

Early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting may occur in the early pregnancy. You may want to eat cold foods such as ice water, ice cola, popsicles, ice cream, ice cream and other cold drinks.At this time, it is possible to eat cold drinks appropriately, but you need to eat a small amount and small mouth.

Pay attention to these 4 points when eating:

1. The amount of control is not strictly limited, mainly based on the comfort of pregnant mothers after eating cold drinks.Generally speaking, it is recommended to eat frequency and consumption than before pregnancy;

2. The control speed is very different from the cold tolerance of cold. The pregnant mother should take the body if the body is comfortable or not, and eat slowly when eating cold drinks;

3. Ensure that cold drinks are stored in the refrigerator or freezer, but there will also be risk of bacterial pollution such as Liste bacteria, and there are similar news reports, so don’t be too adventurous during pregnancy.If pregnant women have to taste occasionally, try to choose cold drinks sold by regular manufacturers and sell regular large supermarkets;

4. Use refrigerated or frozen healthy food instead of cold drinks.Cold drinks have low nutritional value. If you really want to eat cold drinks and experience a cold taste, you can find some healthier alternative foods.For example: low sugar yogurt, iced soy milk, refrigerated or frozen fruits.

In short, considering the nutritional value of cold drinks and a certain food safety risk, it is recommended that pregnant women occasionally eat and eat a small amount.Of course, not eating is harmless to the body.

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