Can pregnant women eat crabs when they eat crabs again a year?

We don’t want to miss such a high -end atmosphere of crab!However, crabs have always been the "taboo" in the pregnant women’s menu. Since ancient times, our country has believed that crabs have the effect of sliding tires, and pregnant women cannot eat.

Facts have proved that pregnant women do not necessarily slide the tires. There are many pregnant women who eat crabs during pregnancy, but not all pregnant women can not eat crabs, but not all pregnant women can eat crabs, let alone want to wantIf you eat as much as you eat, what’s the point of ordering?

Fat and fragrant crab

Can’t eat in the early pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, the fetus had just developed in her mother’s body, and it was not completely formed, which was very unstable.Crab is a cold food, and eating may cause abortion, so the pregnancy head cannot be eaten for 3 months.And crabs are high -protein foods, which can easily cause allergies. Pregnant women are weak in early pregnancy and should not be eaten.

You must choose fresh and cooked

Crab is a high -protein food. It is easy to deteriorate after death. Dead crabs are toxins on the body, and ordinary people cannot eat, let alone pregnant women.If pregnant women eat dead crabs by mistake, they will be dizzy, abdominal pain, and vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Therefore, they must choose carefully when they buy.Crab is aquatic creature, with many parasites and microorganisms. Before eating, be cooked and cooked. It is best to cook for another 20 minutes after boiling.

Can’t eat more, just taste it if you taste it shallow

Although pregnant women can eat crabs, they do not mean that they can eat how much they can be eaten. Pregnant women should not be greedy for crabs.Crab is a cold food. Normal people eat more will have adverse effects, let alone pregnant women.

Chrysanthemum bloom, smell crab

Can’t eat crab claws

The crabs are cold, especially the crab claws, which have the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. After consumption, it will cause bleeding and miscarriage for early pregnancy. Ancient medical books in my country record that crab claws have abortion effects.Pregnant women in the middle and late stages, just eat crab paste, can not eat crab feet, which is extremely unfavorable to the fetus.

Various taboos during pregnancy are indeed annoying. For the baby, sometimes it is tolerated!It’s okay. If you don’t eat enough this year, you can eat and eat it when you unload it next year!In addition, even the cold and weak pregnant women cannot eat crabs even if they are in the middle and late pregnancy.

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