Can pregnant women dye their hair?Which brands of skin care products can be used with confidence?

Recently, my younger sister left a message asking whether pregnant women can use skin care products and makeup?

This question really asked the key.

When Kun Ling was in Huai Xiao Zhou Zhou, he was attacked by netizens because of hair dyeing and makeup.

Although Kun Ling explained immediately that he used pure plant hair dyeing agents and would not hurt the baby, but netizens still scolded.

Can I make makeup and hair care products during pregnancy?

First, pregnant women can make up.Skin care products and makeup are not so strong, but semi -permanent eyebrows are still avoided as much as possible.

Cosmetics containing retinol (A alcohol), A acid, salicylic acid, and peroxyl oxide are not available, and the rest can be used

The key to makeup of pregnant women is:

1. Try to use the products used to use before pregnancy (excluding dangerous ingredients), not easy to be allergic

2. Try to buy as much as possible

Secondly, when choosing lipstick, you must be cautious.Because: women have to eat 6-10 pounds of lipstick in their lives!

Therefore, when choosing lipstick during pregnancy, you must choose "Eat lipstick".

It is recommended that pregnant mothers wipe off their lipsticks before drinking water and eating.

The lipstick that can be eaten = 100%natural+simple ingredients+no added+no preservatives

In the end, traditional views believe that hair dyeing during pregnancy is because old hair dye usually contains phenyline, phenylramine, phenylphenol and other ingredients. Now many new hair dye no longer contain these ingredients.

However, some hair dye will severely stimulate the skin after contacting the skin, make your headache, swelling, and severe your eyes can not open!

Therefore, if pregnant mothers really want to dye hair, do allergies in advance, and use pure plant dyeing agents.

Pay attention to hair dyeing during pregnancy:

1. Avoid ingredients such as phenyline, phenylramnol, and phenylphenol.

2. Very sensitive to odor during pregnancy

3. Try not to toss during pregnancy

After solving these confusion, Xiaobian also recommends some skin care products that can be used with confidence during pregnancy.

Protect your baby, you can become beautiful again ~~~ Hurry up and get up!

SU: M37 ° is a senior skin care brand under LG Healthy Living Group, advocating the concept of natural fermentation.

All products are produced with natural plants as raw materials, and the unique process of extracting plant essence through organic fermentation.

The product is safe and natural, with no hormone, no alcohol, no artificial spices, no preservatives, no harmful added. For skin "0" stimulation, even sensitive muscles can be controlled. It is a safety skin care that pregnant women can use with confidence.Taste.

Breathing essence foam facial cleanser

Reference price: 188 ¥ | 245ml

This facial cleanser is the gentleness of milk, the freshness of the water, and the smoothness of the oil -shaped cleansing moisturizing milk integrated

There is no irritation to the skin and gently remove all kinds of skin dirt.The texture is a little sticky and transparent liquid, but it is refreshing and thin, and calmed the skin.

While cleansing, keep the skin’s own balance and humidity.The natural fermentation technology contained -natural organic acid, soft and effectively remove aging keratin, making the skin white and smooth.Deeply clean the pores, thoroughly clean the pore dirt and sebum, and prevent the skin from drying the skin.

It does not contain artificial pigment, synthetic preservatives, no side effects, contains skin circulation essence fermentation and moisturizing ingredients, and sustainable moisturizing after washing the face.

Breathing water surprise set

Reference price: 800 ¥

This hydration box is called the king of hydration.Including moisturizing, moisturizing gel lotion, moisturizing gel cream, etc.Natural fermentation ingredients can inject moisturizing the skin and re -connect the skin to the skin to block the moisture channel.

Improving the skin’s moisture absorption ability can bring the skin all day to nourish it all day ~~ Pregnant mothers suitable for dry skin and sensitive muscles ~

FANCL has the meaning of "driving away" in Japanese, which means that customers can use all products safely and safely.

FANCL has implemented the conviction of "allowing customers to enjoy high -efficiency beauty effects under security and peace of mind" over the past 20 years.

Eliminates the uneasy caused by the use of "preservatives" skin care products, so FANCL is also one of the choice of skin care products recognized by pregnant mothers ~

FANCL Fang Ke Smooth Moisturizing Flour

Reference price: 89 ¥ | 50g

In 2016, the first word of mouth and strength of COSME face -to -face products are online, and pregnant mothers can use it with confidence.

The cleaning flour is naturally non -added, mild and non -irritating. It is white powder inside, which is very delicate. It will not be tight after cleansing, moisturizing and moisturizing.

When using it with FANCL, pick up the ball or soak net, pour the cleaning flour on the foam ball, and quickly rub

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