Can patients with gastric disease eat chili?Do you really know?

Now, the state of many young people is described as "busy" in one word, busy work, busy social, busy online … busy, busy, no time to eat, just eat or think of it or rememberI only eat it. The serious irregular diet and not paying attention to make the gastric disease more and more younger.

Xiaopeng is one of the patients with stomach disease. He is usually spicy and unhappy. After getting this illness, he can only obey the doctor’s advice and dare not eat a little pepper. Sometimes he wants to eat some peppers to solve it.I am afraid that the stomach hurts.

Many friends with gastric disease, like Xiaopeng, dare not eat peppers. When they see things with peppers, they think that pepper will hurt gastric mucosa and aggravate gastric disease.This understanding is not completely unreasonable, but it is not comprehensive.In fact, patients with gastric disease can add peppers in an appropriate amount. This will not only increase the condition, but it will have a certain regulatory effect.

According to a study, the pepper in chili can stimulate gastric motility, increase the blood flow of gastric mucosa, and promote the healing of ulcers.Eating some peppers properly to eat some peppers, which will stimulate the increase in the secretion of saliva and gastric acid in the human body and improve digestion.

For patients with chronic gastritis, eating chili can play a role in protecting gastric mucosa, making it damage to drugs that stimulate gastric mucosa such as aspirin.Patients with sagging stomach can also eat pepper. Proper pepper enters the human body to promote stomach movement and improve stomach function.

The role of peppers is not only that. In the cold winter, there will be such a phenomenon. Many people like to eat peppers and feel that they are much warm after eating. This is because peppers have the effect of warming the stomach and anti -freezing.

The effect of traditional Chinese medicine on pepper has also been studied.In "The Treatment of Materia Medica", it is pointed out that eating peppers can "eliminate food, relieve qi, appetite, dispel evil, and kill the fishy poison."

Therefore, people with stomach problems are not allowed to eat peppers, but they need to eat peppers scientifically and reasonably according to their own condition.But some spicy peppers, such as millet pepper, or some other spicy pepper products, patients with stomach disease cannot be eaten.

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