Can my mother be called Dr. Sai Saiden’s headache, what kind of medicine, who is a good husband? Who is a good husband?

Since the flow of A last month, it has not recovered, and children often have headaches.At that time, I went to Xiehe Hospital to see the doctor and checked the brain flow, myocardial enzymes, electrocardiogram, and blood test. In addition to some bacterial infections, the brain flow, electrocardiogram, myocardial enzyme indicators were normal, and blood pressure and heart rate were a little low.EssenceThe doctor thought that there was no need to prescribe the medicine, and I prescribed a little bit of Chinese medicine granules under my repeated request.The child does not like to eat only one bag, and shelves.

After a month, the mid -term exam is over.Suddenly received a call from the class teacher, the child had a headache and told me to pick up the child.Drive to school like Fei, picked him up, and went directly to the central hospital.It has arrived at 5:30 in the afternoon and can only go to the emergency department.The doctor took the CT and ECG. As a result, the CT was normal. The ECG was a little bad, but it was also in normal scope.There was no medicine. The child and his dad asked us to have a meal and went home.

As a high school student, he sleeps for 5-6 hours a day, which is serious.I thought about it at night that since there were symptoms, he was uncomfortable.But why did both hospital doctors not give the corresponding medicine?Maybe this is a trivial matter in the eyes of the doctor?Before going to bed, I ate a small fish to stop the pain, and went to school steadily to go to school.

When I went home at noon to ask my child, my head still hurts.Symptoms are so local, not dealt with, there must be symptoms!After thinking about it, since the Chinese medicine particles at home can’t take it, Western medicine is afraid of the side effects of the side, let me buy Chinese medicine!I bought two types today. Zhengtian Wan and Liu Jing headache tablets. I have the ingredients and side effects of Baidu’s medicine on the Internet.

The only thing that sighs now is why there are symptoms do not deal with?When I was a mother, I was forced to go to the pharmacy to ask for the medicine. A cooler department wanted to study medicine.After retiring, learn some Chinese medicine. You must not believe in a doctor or a doctor.This mother is forced to become a doctor of the Saitama. Maybe life is the best teacher!

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