Can I use cosmetics for pregnancy?What do you need to pay attention to?

Even if he is about to be a mother, he will never give up herself to continue becoming a delicate woman.Pregnancy and having children do not give up their own reasons.

American supermodel Sarah Stage still has abdominal muscles in 7 months of pregnancy,

There is no excess flesh on the body,

Still remain exquisite,

I almost forgot her a child mother ~

The state of unloading the goods … I can’t believe my eyes,

That’s right, the same person ~

Some lives are still bright after the baby is in life,

Skin skin maintenance has fallen ~

And some lives in life,

I can’t recover for several years!

What is the silly three years of pregnancy?

The oldest ten years is the most terrible ~

Even the beauty camera can’t save the old face,

Maintenance during pregnancy should not be sloppy,

After all, wait for the baby to go to kindergarten, when you pick up the child

Don’t be regarded as a child’s grandma ~

Skin care during pregnancy, the most common problem

Can skin care during pregnancy?

Of course!

Mother’s love is great. For the health of the baby, many things will give up.For example, love beauty, put away the beautiful short skirt, charming small heels, makeup has become the past, you can give up these, but you must not ignore the skin.

The "habit" that cannot be skin care during pregnancy has been falsified, and it is a fake proposition. Then, many doctors still have a grand "warning", which is really ridiculous.

Does skin care products hurt your baby?

In fact, the infection between maternal and infants is passed through blood and umbilical brings. Conventional skin care products that meet safety standards are acting on the epidermis (the epidermis is no blood vessels).Can’t reach.Therefore, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry about skin care products that will hurt the baby.

It should be noted that it is not recommended to replace skin care products during pregnancy. We all know that trying new skin care products is risk of allergies (just like eating something that has not been eaten, and there is a risk of allergies), and the risk of allergies is while the risk of allergies isIt is a problem that I do n’t want to encounter a problem in skin care during pregnancy.After all, allergies will affect emotions, and processing methods will be more single.

Will it accelerate aging without care during pregnancy?

Due to hormone during pregnancy, skin problems during pregnancy are more than usual

For example: dry skin, sensitive, itching, spots, dullness, greasy, large pores, acne, etc.

It is too naive to think that the children’s progesterone is returning to normal after giving birth to the child’s return to normal, and the skin can return to the original!

Some pregnancy hemps think that the skin will be better after pregnancy, and no need to maintain (the rhythm of the children in life)

In addition to the effects of progesterone, during the pregnancy or after giving birth, Baoma’s pressure is very high, the sleep quality is extremely poor, and the pregnancy reaction is fierce. Under such multiple torture, the mental state and skin color will change significantly. The aging is aging.In minutes (even more obvious weight loss) ~

The apple muscles are drooping, the skin is loose, the outline is unclear, etc.!

After giving birth to a child, make up for the picture? TOO Young Too Simple!)

Can I make up during pregnancy?

Makeup during pregnancy is not a taboo, otherwise the stars will not exit for ten months?It is not recommended to have heavy makeup every day, and occasionally there is no problem!

During pregnancy, skin is more sensitive and fragile. Multi -oil makeup will stimulate the skin. SO ~ It is recommended that you choose big -name makeup, high safety!In addition, makeup removal is cleaned to avoid the entrance!

In the makeup (especially lipstick), it will contain a small amount of lead mercury (it is easy to color for better use), but more and less, the amount of makeup control is small, and the damage is small!

Are you afraid of hearing the word lead and mercury ~

Earlier in the early years, the abuse of lead and mercury ingredients caused the number of faces to destroy. So it is not safe to make makeup?

As mentioned earlier, this is related to the addition!

for example

The content of a lipstick is 0.1%,

Skin can metabolize 3%,

It means that it is very small to us!

The scope value of the body!

Just like staying up late, occasionally there is no problem, insisting on staying up late is not responsible for yourself!

Is it okay to use baby skin care products?

In order to "prevent it in case of safety," the Baomao gave up the bottles and cans on the table and switched to the baby.Is this really good?

We know that the baby’s skin care products are indeed very mild, low -sensitivity and low stimulation, which mainly plays a role in moisturizing!Although it is safe and harmless, it is impossible to fully solve the skin problems during pregnancy, not to mention that each pregnant mother’s skin is different, some are losing moisture, and some are sensitive skin.Due to the changes in endocrine in the body, such as allergic skin, pigmentation, etc., consider that baby skin care products have little improvement in these skin problems, so Mimi recommends that you should choose your skin quality and symptoms to choose suitable for you.Skin care products can improve problems, and you can be beautiful during pregnancy ~~

Do I need sun protection during pregnancy?

Due to the increase in the secretion of pregnancy and estrogen, the increase in hormone levels in the body will increase the sensitivity to the sun, and it is prone to sunburn and melasma after the sun, so sunscreen is very important.

In terms of the choice of sunscreen, I don’t think you need to find that pure physical sunscreen or something, as long as you choose the qualified sunscreen of the regular brand, you can.

How to choose skin care products during pregnancy?

Although general skin care products will not affect the fetal circulation on the fetus, but after pregnancy, the mother’s skin’s own skin’s defense is weak, and the changes in skin texture and problems should be cautious when choosing!

Remember these points:

1. You can choose non -added skin care products

The so -called "non -addition" refers to "not adding harmful pigments, chemical dyes, hormones, heavy metals, fluorescent agents, essential oils, and other chemical components that may cause skin sensitivity to the skin."In fact, in Mimi’s view, the benefits of no additional skin care products are not in the ingredients, but that the taste is generally light, which is very advantageous for pregnant women.

2. Mild and refreshing

The skin of pregnant mothers is prone to oil (specifically depending on the skin’s skin quality problems), and mild+refreshing+moisturizing models are more suitable options.

3. Maintain sufficient skin moisture

It can reduce the chance of sensitivity, balance oil, reduce oil output, use the toner several times, the mask can be applied once every 2-3 days!

4. Sun protection and whitening are the focus

Although skin care products (pregnancy spots) skin care products cannot be effectively controlled during pregnancy, maintenance and care can reduce aggravation and help in the later period of recovery. Most people can fade!

Daily maintenance

1. Keep sufficient sleep.

There are basically only three things during pregnancy, sleep well, eat well, exercise!

Suffering sleep is the best maintenance of the skin. 10-2 am is the best metabolic time. At this time, deep sleep can accelerate metabolism and make the skin full of vitality!(Don’t ignore the skin care at night), but in this regard, many expectant mothers can’t do it, especially the expectant mothers in the third trimester, sleeping is simply a kind of torture.

2. Active intake of sufficient moisture

Crimize a small amount of moisture, a small amount.The girls who are particularly easy to swell can be appropriate. Strengthen the massage.

3. Keep nutritional balance

Eat more vegetables and fruits every day, and also take the right amount of protein, fat, chicken, rabbit, fish, eggs, milk, soy products and other foods are rich in protein. It is often consumed, which is not only supplemented by protein in the body, but also for beauty.Skin care ~

4. Maintain a good mentality

Long -term stress, depression, will destroy endocrine, which will cause various skin problems, find a suitable way of venting yourself, and always maintain a good mood at all times!

You can’t touch these things!

1. Hair dye

Pregnant women should not use hair dyes. Some ingredients can cause allergic reactions in the skin. Pregnant mothers must stay away, and they enter the pregnant woman through the smell to have adverse effects.

2. Cold and hot essence

After pregnancy, not only the hair is very fragile, but it is also easy to fall off.Use chemical cold perm, which will even exacerbate hair falling off.In addition, chemical cold and hot essence will also affect the normal growth and development of the fetus in the pregnant mother’s body, and a few pregnant mothers will also have an allergic reaction.SO pregnant mothers should not use chemical cold and hot essence.

3. Perfume

Pregnant mothers should not use perfumes! Because some perfumes will contain musk ingredients, it is risks that will be unfavorable to the baby for a long time. People who have watched the ancient court drama understand it ~

4. salicylic acid

Pregnant mothers apply the toner of salicylic acid once or twice a day, and there must be no problem (unless you are allergic to salicylic acid), but the skin of the pregnant mother at this time is more sensitive, and excessive use will have a certain risk of allergies.

5. Grand oil

The reason why pregnant mothers should use essential oils with caution is because essential oils have a very good functional effect. Some essential oils have the function of "regulating menstruation". For ordinary people, they can ease the discomfort caused by menstruation and make the menstruation smoother, butIf you use essential oils during pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, there may be risk of miscarriage.The molecules of essential oils are very subtle and easy to penetrate into the body. It is recommended that pregnant mothers and breastfeeding girls avoid using essential oils for massage to prevent essential oils from affecting the baby.

6. Nail polish

Nail polish contains formaldehyde. Pregnant mothers accidentally inhale formaldehyde, which can stimulate eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, so it will be affected throughout the body.Therefore, in addition to the adverse effects of formaldehyde on the pregnant mother for a long time, it has a greater impact on the fetus in the stomach, because the formaldehyde entering the body will be quickly decomposed by the body.So don’t rub nail polish!~~

7. Whitening and fast -acting products

Most of the rapid whitening products contain ingredients such as hormones, lead and mercury, because the normal skin is 28 days, and safe whitening products must be slowly metabolized according to the physiological cycle of the skin.A large amount of skin care products containing lead and mercury and hormones will cause fetal malformations. Do not choose unsatisfactory whitening and freckle and strange products during pregnancy!(Note: Whitening products that meet safety standards are okay.)

In short, skin care during pregnancy is not only an indispensable thing, but also a matter of not looking at it. You can usually do it with your heart and caution.Be a beautiful prospective mummy together ~~


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