Can I take medicine during pregnancy?

It is not easy to get pregnant. I believe that many pregnant mothers have experienced it deeply. From various precautions during pregnancy, prepare pregnancy examination, help the pregnancy guidelines, read all kinds of books, be careful, worried, and worry about all kinds of books.The courage to start a few days ago was really shocked. It was really like fighting monsters, and the monsters were upgraded.

Although we have paid attention to before pregnancy, we are inevitable when there is negligence. For example, before we found the pregnancy, we caught a cold, diarrhea, stomach pain, fever, and various inflammation.Under the circumstances that doctors are unknown, we may accidentally take some treatments for various treatments, so can these medicines take?Knowing that if you get sick after pregnancy, what medicines can be taken and which medicines can’t take?

Let’s see what medicines did pregnant mothers take before pregnancy?

Pregnant mother said: In the last menstrual period of 4.24, 5.11 was in the same room, and 5.28 units had a carbon 14 urea capsule. I found that I was pregnant on the same day!5.29 B -ultrasound examination is not yet seen in the pregnancy sac. The uterine wall is thickened. Carbon 14 is radioactive element. It is used by pregnant women with caution. I really do n’t know if this baby can have it. Is it impact?so tangled!

The pregnant mother said: I have been pregnant for 34 weeks and cough. The coughing stomach hurts. The doctor said that it was a cold. I opened a cephalosporin and a cold.

The pregnant mother said: I have been coughing for 18 weeks, I have been coughing, there is sputum, and it is difficult to breathe. The doctor prescribed me inhaled medicine and oral medicine. The bronchus kept ringing, the cough could not be dragged, and it was not good for the baby. I went to the hospital to see the doctor in time.Essence

The pregnant mother said: Everyone is pregnant with a cold, fever, and cough. My Jiabao is directly shingles. In view of the pain of it, I take the medicine on time according to the doctor’s order. I found that I was pregnant.The whole family is struggling with this baby now. I wonder if there are similar Bao moms?

The pregnant mother said: When I don’t know about pregnancy, I took a cold and took antiviral drugs in about forty days. I had a thyrechin fixed tablet and the Luo erythromycin capsules for three or four days.The hospital informed the doctor that it may also affect or have no impact. It is expected that it is easy to conceive for a long time, and now it is tangled.

Pregnant mother said: I did n’t know about pregnancy within 15 days of pregnancy. I had a cold and cough. I took the medicine for 3 days. Now there are 13 weeks. NT examinations are not a problem, but my heart is in my heart, but my heart is in my heart.Don’t worry, don’t know what to do.

The pregnant mother said: I have been pregnant for six months now, and I took medicine several times in the middle, cold medicine, and diarrhea. It is the same as gambling. Pray that the baby is fine.

The pregnant mother said: I was more than 10 weeks of pregnancy, my ears were inflamed, I took Teno’s pain to relieve pain, I also ate more than 10 days of cephalosporin, took a day of Nicillin, also performed surgery, used anesthesia, used sterilized cotton cotton every day, used sterilization cotton cotton cotton dailyDigesting in the wound.Doctors say that they are safe for children, and some antibiotics such as penicillin are safe.So don’t worry.My wound is finally healed now, and I have to eat three -day cephalosporin.

The pregnant mother said: There is nothing to take for taking medicine within 35 days. I did n’t know that I took a lot of medicines when I was pregnant. I also took a fever needle. The children born were healthy.

The pregnant mother said: When I was in a child, I suddenly had a high fever. I lost 5 days of antibiotics, took half a month of morpholine, took several days of anti -inflammatory drugs, and there were Pudi Blue anti -inflammatory tablets. I heard it a few days ago.There is no problem to eat within 45 days.

The pregnant mother said: Using Shaxing drugs without knowing pregnancy, the menstruation arrived on April 2nd, I left on the 9th, the same room on November 12th, I went to the 15th to check that there was no pregnancy.By the 19th, one bottle a day, the medicine took ten, and started to take it on the 20th. I really do n’t know if it will have any impact on the child?

Many pregnant mothers really use some medicines when they do not know that they are pregnant in the early pregnancy, so will these medicines have a bad impact on their children?

It is generally believed that the early pregnancy medication will have the greatest impact on the child, but in fact, in the early 3 weeks of the early pregnancy, if the medicine is used, if it has an impact on the child, the embryo will automatically choose to stop developing.Normal, without any abortion signs, generally indicates that the embryo is not affected and can continue to be pregnant, but in the later stage, you must pay attention to regular examinations.

This period of time in 5-8 weeks of pregnancy is a high-sensitivity period for drug effects. Although it may not have a miscarriage after taking the medicine, it is most likely to cause fetal malformations.It is recommended whether pregnant mothers continue to protect or end pregnancy.

Many pregnant mothers think that Chinese medicine is relatively safe, but not necessarily. Many traditional Chinese medicines are very toxic. It will have a great adverse effect on the monitoring of the fetus and mothers.abortion.

Therefore, if you use medicine without knowing it, it is recommended to consult the doctor after pregnancy and do a detailed examination. After a comprehensive assessment, then decide whether to continue pregnancy or termination of pregnancy. If you are sick after pregnancyWhen you go to the hospital, the doctor will decide whether to use the medicine and what are the relatively safer medicines based on your condition, the gestational week.

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