Can I still grow up when I am pregnant?Pregnant mothers with this manifestation may grow taller when pregnant!Step in fun

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A few days ago, I accompanied my cousin to the birth checkup. When I was sitting outside and waiting, I heard two pregnant mothers saying that they had high during pregnancy. A pregnant mother said cheerfully: "I was two centimeters taller when I was born in Dabao.It is two centimeters taller, and you can grow taller when you are pregnant. "It is amazing."

After hearing what they said, the cousin here said very frustrated: "Why don’t I grow taller, I want to have a long leg." Looking at her face with grievances, I had to comfort her and say:"You are only a few months now, and maybe some are high." Then, by the way, he was popularized. Why are some pregnant women who are pregnant?

The main reason for growing taller during pregnancy is that the bone line of the pregnant mother has not been closed yet. This is the physical development factor. During the pregnancy, the hormone level in the pregnant mother has risen sharply, including growth hormones that promote the growth of human body. ThisIt has promoted the growth of the bone line, and at the same time, the pregnant mother consumes a large amount of nutrients during pregnancy, which also provides sufficient source of nutrients for the growth and development of bones.

But it is not that the bone line of each pregnant mother is not closed. As for how to judge whether the bone line is closed, it depends on whether you have a "growth pain" when you are pregnant.Place of knee may be a manifestation of skeletal development.

However, leg pain must also be growth pain, or calcium deficiency. If you can exclude calcium deficiency during pregnancy, then the pregnant mother appears this feature during pregnancy, it is likely to grow a few centimeters high.

Although not every pregnant mother will grow taller during pregnancy, as long as the following 3 points are done, even if you don’t grow, the fetus will develop well. After the baby is born, it will grow fast and good.Long legs.

1. Appropriate amount of calcium supplement

Many pregnant mothers will have calcium deficiency during pregnancy, which is mainly manifested as leg cramps. If calcium deficiency, it must have an impact on themselves and the fetus.Eat more foods rich in calcium, such as milk, eggs, etc., which not only allows pregnant mothers to supplement nutrition, but also supplement calcium.

2. Supplement vitamin D in an appropriate amount

After supplementing calcium, but it is not completely absorbed by the body of the pregnant mother, so the golden partner of calcium supplementation is vitamin D, which can effectively promote the body’s absorption of calcium.At the same time, pregnant mothers can go out to expose the sun, and it can also promote the absorption of calcium.And walking more, exercise, is also very good for childbirth.

3. Supplement protein in an appropriate amount

If you want the fetus to develop well, the supplement of protein is essential, because the most inseparable thing about the growth and development of the body is the protein.Pregnant mothers can focus on supplementing protein during pregnancy and eat more dried fruit or egg milk foods.

However, it must be appropriate, because the more these foods eat, not only the protein content is high, but the fat content will be high. It is not good for the development and childbirth of the fetus, so it should be slightly controlled during pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers who want to grow taller during pregnancy, don’t think that leg pain is a manifestation of height, or it may be caused by diseases. Therefore, if this manifestation occurs, it is better to go to the hospital first.

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