Can I still get pregnant at the age of 40?Several issues that elderly women care for pregnancy are most concerned

Remember that 47 -year -old Kelipreson announced to the world that he was pregnant, which was really shaking the global entertainment industry.In fact, it is not just a star, but there are many women who are pregnant for the first time after 35 or even 40 for their job or other reasons.A few days ago I wrote the precautions for preparation for expectant mothers. Many female readers left me a message to write an article about elderly women preparing for pregnancy. Today, I have sorted out several issues that elderly women are most concerned about pregnancy.

First, age is over 40, can you still conceive naturally?

The answer is yes, you can conceive naturally.Because 40 -year -old women may face more menopause problems, each woman has a different menopause time. As long as women do not have menopause for 12 consecutive months, they may be pregnant.

If there are many abortion, or the risk of genetic diseases and other fertility problems, there are no problems with the blood check and B -ultrasound.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy after the age of 40?

After 40 years of age, pregnancy is very similar to young people, but many people will confuse signs and menopause.Older women will have frequent urination, emotional instability, breast swelling, pregnancy vomiting, and suspension of routine.

3. What are the risks of elderly women who are pregnant?

Aspect of pregnant women

The age is high, and the incidence of complications during pregnancy will also increase with age. Gee -age women may have the following health problems.

Pregnancy diabetes, pregnancy hypertension, placenta, pre -placenta, abortion, pseudo -contraction, and difficulty in dystocia. Pregnant women also face postpartum recovery difficulties and other problems.


There are also many problems in the fetus, and pregnancy will reduce the safety factor of the baby.After 40–49 years old, after pregnancy, the risk of fetal Chin family syndrome increases from 1/100 to 1/10; chromosomal abnormalities, dead tires, and premature birth will greatly increase.

For this reason, many elderly women will freeze high -quality eggs when they are young to prepare for later pregnancy.

Fourth, elderly women are preparing for pregnancy, pay attention to the details of life?

Learn more about pregnancy and postpartum and postpartum knowledge.

Diet should be balanced, don’t pick eaters

Persist in exercise and control weight reasonably.

Quit smoking

To put it simply, a happy mood, a full mental state, and a healthy body are the prerequisite for pregnancy.

Fifth, do you really have nothing to do?

It is definitely that children who have not had 20 or 30 women have an advantage, but they are not useless.The advantage of your child late is that at this time, your family accumulation and family feelings are stable, and it will give your child a stable and healthy environment.

Having said so much, I finally wanted to say: If you think young women see this article, if you are allowed, you still have to be young.

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