Can I raise a cat when I am pregnant?

You can raise cats when you are pregnant, but pay attention to hygiene, and you need to repeat the cat in time.

Cats are docile and cute. Many women like to raise cats, but whether women can raise cats after pregnancy. This is a controversial issue.When you should pay attention to safety, pay attention to hygiene, you should not be too casual, so that you will not cause harm to the body.

Most people think that they cannot bite cats after pregnancy, because the content of the cat’s body is prone to arch -shaped worms. This is a parasite. If the pregnant woman is in contact with the cat for a long time, this parasite may be infected.It will cause harm to the health of pregnant women and affect the health of the fetus in the abdomen.

Some pregnant women will have a premature birth or death and fetal malformations after infection of Toxoplasma. Infected parasites in the middle and late stages may also cause the fetus to suffer from brain disease or heart disease after birth, which will seriously threaten the health of the fetus.Pregnant women during pregnancy are the first infection of Toxoplasma worms, which will affect fetal health. If a hormone is infected before pregnancy, there will be antibodies in the body.healthy.

Cats are prone to bowworms. After pregnancy, cats should be removed regularly when they raise cats, and vaccines should be vaccinated in time.After pregnancy, do not let cats run around, let alone let him contact stray cats. When pregnant women raise cats during pregnancy, pay attention to personal hygiene, do not contact cats, and wash their hands frequently, and disinfection.

You can raise cats when you are pregnant, but you should pay attention to safety. You must know that the parasitic hormone in the cat’s body can kill the toxoplasma worm, so you must pay attention to hygiene when raising cats.For raw food, the tableware should be cooked after high -temperature disinfection foods, so that they can reduce the probability of infection of Toxoplasma worms, so as not to worry about it affecting the health of pregnant women.

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