Can I play in 2 months of pregnancy?

1. Generally, 2 months of pregnancy can be played.

2. It is recommended to go to the hospital to check whether it is suitable for tires. Generally, 2 months of pregnancy can be beaten, but if some women are not suitable for fetal, it will cause lifelong infertility. You needGood time, generally cannot be used immediately. The medicine flow is almost harmful to the body and the flow of people. Generally, it will be induced by labor one month later, and go to the hospital as soon as possible.

3, 2 months, it is more suitable for abortion. The drug flow is generally done for more than a month. It is better to consult a doctor with a specific consultation. Remember to go to a large hospital to see it. Do not save money. Remember to cultivate for a week to 2 weeks.Otherwise, it hurts, and the body will be bad in the future. The best time to do painless abortion is between 7-10 weeks of pregnancy.The uterus is not too large within 7 weeks of pregnancy, and the fetus and placenta have not been generated. Usually there is no need to expand the cervix, which is very easy to suck the tissue tissue; the response during the operation is light, less bleeding, short surgery time, and rest for half an hour after surgery.Going home, recovery is also very fast, with a small impact on the body.

4. If you are pregnant for more than 10 weeks and within 14 weeks, the gestational sac is relatively large at this time, and the fetus is more than 4 cm. At this time, the embryo cannot be used to attract the antiplication. Instead, the embryo should be taken out of the embryo.Due to the large gestational sac, the difficulty of surgery, the risk, the increased amount of bleeding, and various complications are prone to occur.If you are pregnant for more than 14 weeks, you cannot use painless abortion surgery to terminate your pregnancy. Only induction can be performed, which will bring great pain to the recipient.

1. Protein: The daily supply is about 80 grams.Within two months of pregnancy, there is no need to deliberately pursue a certain amount for protein intake, but pay attention to ensuring quality.If you want to eat more today, you can eat a little more if you don’t want to eat tomorrow, or you can eat it, just let it go.

2. Carbohydrates and fat: For two months of pregnancy, if you really don’t want to eat fat foods, you don’t have to force yourself. The human body can use your own fat.In addition, soy foods, eggs, and milk can also supplement fat.However, foods rich in starch may wish to eat more to provide necessary energy.

3. Vitamin: Vitamins are essential nutrients in the human body, and they are also necessary substances for the growth and development of fetal baby. Especially folic acid, B vitamin, vitamin C and vitamin A are necessary for this period.

4. Water and inorganic salts: It is very important to pay attention to hydration and inorganic salts in two months of pregnancy, especially those with serious early pregnancy reactions, because severe vomiting can easily cause the human body’s water and salt metabolism.Various soups, porridge, homemade beverages and juice will be beneficial to mother.

1. Pregnant women should not be overworked, rest, and sleep sufficient sleep in two months of pregnancy, and the number of housework and outbound times is as reduced as much as possible, and sexual life should be controlled.

2. Do not move heavy objects, ascend to high or fierce exercise, such as jumping, distorting or rapid rotation; avoid lower abdomen and waist force, minimize the number of upper, down stairs;, Squat knee and then do it.

3, short -distance, walk as much as possible, do not squeeze the bus; do not leave the crowd’s crowded place, so as not to be hit by the abdomen, or infected with epidemic diseases.To go out long distances, try to avoid the peak of traffic as much as possible without being crowded.

4. Tobacco and wine will have a bad effect on the fetus. Neither of them should not try, and try to avoid second -hand smoke.If there are pets such as cats, dogs, or birds in the home, try to avoid contact to avoid infection with serogs.It is best to give these pets to others or temporarily foster in friends’ homes.

5. If bleeding accompanies lower abdominal pain, waist fatigue or soreness and pain, you should go to the hospital immediately.

6. At this time, pregnant women begin to have a pregnancy reaction, such as loss of appetite, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, fatigue and chills and other phenomena, and even feel free to feel irritable.Pregnant women must ensure sufficient sleep, balanced nutrition, and pleasant mood.

7. When standing work, do not move closer to your feet in front of you, one foot, and do not stand together for a long time.

8. This time is an important period for the fetus to form the brain and internal organs. It is not acceptable to accept X -ray examination, does not touch radiation and toxic substances, and do not take medicine easily. In particular, you should avoid colds.

9. Increased leucorrhea during pregnancy. After urinating, you can use the abandoned cotton with warm water or boric acid water, and scrub it from the front to keep it clean along the outer genitals to keep it clean.

10. Do not use cold water to bath and wash your hair to avoid colds. Do not wash too much clothes at a time, so as not to cause abortion or premature birth.

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