Can I only agree to divorce during pregnancy?

When the emotions of both husband and wife are broken, the two sides may breed the idea of divorce at this time.Under normal circumstances, divorce between the two parties can choose to divorce or litigation divorce.But if the woman is during pregnancy, then it will be slightly different at this time.

According to Article 1082 of my country’s "Civil Code", the woman shall not propose a divorce during pregnancy, 1 year after childbirth, or within 6 months after childbirth; Except for requests.Does that mean that divorce during pregnancy can only agree to divorce?

The answer is obviously not.Even during pregnancy, both parties can choose not only to divorce the agreement or sue for divorce.The so -called agreement divorce is a voluntary divorce between the husband and wife, and should sign a written divorce agreement and personally apply for a divorce registration in the marriage registration authority to apply for divorce registration.According to my country’s "Civil Code", it can be seen that the two parties have a divorce for 30 days of divorce. Within 30 days after the expiration of the calm period of the divorce, the two parties have not personally visited the marriage registration authority to apply for a divorce certificate, which is deemed to withdraw the divorce registration application; after 30 after 30; after 30 After the daily divorce period, the two sides should personally apply for a divorce certificate from the marriage registration authority.

Litigation divorce means that both the couple cannot reach an agreement on issues such as divorce, after divorce, or property division. The people’s courts are prosecuted by the people.For the disadvantaged side, the man must not lift divorce during pregnancy, but if the woman has a fault, if the man has sufficient evidence to prove that the female party has sex with others before marriage, leading to pregnancy, and the man is unaware of the man or after marriage with extramarital men.(Including prostitution, adultery, residence, big marriage, etc.), which leads to pregnancy, childbirth, termination of pregnancy, or the woman has abuse, family violence, or abandoned children to the man.

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