Can I live a "husband and wife life" during pregnancy?At this time, what does the baby feel?

During pregnancy, can you live a "husband and wife life"?At this time, what does the baby feel?

My wife is pregnant. As a husband, men can’t wait to hold their wives in their arms and care about less. Some men vowed to do that when their wife was pregnant.Itchy, thinking about Faer to "do things".After knowing that his wife knew that his wife was pregnant, he checked on the Internet as soon as possible when his wife lived "husband and wife life".When a woman is pregnant, it has always been arguing about the problem of different rooms, and men even want to know, because the ten months or even longer is a severe test for them.

During pregnancy, whether the husband and wife can live a "husband and wife life", there are two types of views held by random investigations.

One point is that it cannot be resolute.Most of the people in this view are people from the 1950s and 1970s. On the one hand, they have a young and light men. They believe that women are still disrespectful to men after pregnancy.At this time, men may need to take out their energy to pass on to generation at this time. Men let a woman get pregnant, which means that he can ignore this woman. The man’s responsibility is to make more women pregnant and have children.On the other hand, I am afraid that the same room will make women abortion. The TV series, especially the costume drama. An Lingrong is not just holding a big belly and the emperor’s intercourse, leading to a major bleeding abortion. This statement that makes women have a larger number.

One point is that it is possible, but it is necessary to go to the same room in stages.In the same room, the fetus in the woman’s belly could feel the existence of her father.Most of them are young people in the 1980s and 1990s.They said that their wives were pregnant to produce a long process, even more than one year, and it was incredible to prevent men from having sex.The same is true for women, just because of pregnancy and abstinence, which is also unfair.They respect medicine more. After listening to the doctor’s opinion, they all know that in the dangerous period of the three months of the early three months and the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetus has not been stable in the early pregnancy.It is not convenient to act.But in the second trimester, you can do a house. Of course, this requires men’s softness, don’t be too excited.And this kind of room can increase the relationship between husband and wife. There is evidence that when "husband and wife live" in the second trimester, men usually gentle, coupled with the embracing between husband and wife. At this time, the baby will feel very warm.At the same time, there will be a certain sense of shock.

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