Can I have a vaginitis in the same room?The doctor tells you

Vaginitis is a common gynecological disease of women. It will occur from young to the age of an old age. When severe occurs, women will be restless. Generally, they will have a painful expression when they come to the consultation and ask doctors to help them relieve their illness as soon as possible.And shyly asked the doctor quietly that the condition was stable after treatment. In fact, this problem depends on the patient’s condition and determined. Let’s talk about this problem below.

The answer is not, can!This sentence is what our gynecologist often tells patients, and repeats at no less than 10 times a day.Because when women suffer from vaginitis, they will pass the inflammation to the man, causing cross -infection.Therefore, general women are suffering from inflammation and the best period of acute development.Because there is a bacteria in the inflammation stage, if the same room is in the same room, the bacteria in the inflammation will be passed to the other party. In this way, the bacteria will be spread. Even if the woman actively cooperates with the cure, the infection of the same room is infected and forms a cross infection.Reasons for repeated diseases.Moreover, in the treatment of one side, doctors recommend that both men and women treat them at the same time, so as to effectively prevent mutual infection.

Can I have a vaginitis in the same room?

Sexual life when women have vaginitis can infect inflammation to men, leading to cross -infection.Therefore, women should know clearly that it is best not to perform sexual life during acute seizures and treatment.Because bacterial inflammation still exists at this stage, the sexual life will cause the partner to be infected again, so that even if the sexual life will be infected after cure, it will be infected and develops a cross infection.Therefore, it should be noted that there is no sexual life during the treatment of vaginitis and acute seizures. In addition, it is necessary to know that during the treatment, partners need to be treated together to prevent each other in the later period.

The symptoms of men’s infection of this disease are different from the disease. When the infection is mild, there is no different symptoms; if severe infection, the genitals will itch, itchy, and burning.

The increase in private secretion after inflammation of women is the most typical symptom. The leucorrhea is thin or uniform or paste. It is gray -white, gray yellow or milky yellow, with a special fishy smell.Or when you smell serious odor after the same room, you will smell severe odor during menstruation or after menstruation. The patient’s vulva has discomfort. If different itching, it may also be accompanied by vulva burning.Some patients will have lower abdomen pain, and it is difficult to urinate in the same room.

If there are other germs infected, it can be accompanied by different symptoms. For example, when there is infection with gonococcal bacteria, the secretion is obviously purulent. Patients with urinary tract stimulation symptoms such as dysuria and difficulty in urination make patients fear urinating.When a tither of Titorus is infected, a foam secretion may appear, and it is accompanied by severe itching, which is strange; when the Candida infection is combined, the secretion is condensed or what we usually call tofu -like.

Common complications and gynecological cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease occur at the same time, and occur at the same time as trichomonas vaginitis. If bacterial vaginitis infected during pregnancy, bacterial vaginitis can cause chorionic shellatitis and amniotic fluid infection during the perinatal period.Premature birth and postpartum infection of uterine endometrial infection occurred in premature birth and caesarean section.

Common complications and gynecological cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease occurs at the same time, often occur at the same time as trichomoniasis vaginitis. There are reports of tza training positive women with 86%of women’s combined symptoms. In addition, bacterial vaginal disease during pregnancy often oftenIt can cause bad perinatal ending, such as chorionic amnioticitis, amniotic fluid infection, premature breaking fetal membrane, premature birth and post -sediment after cesarean section or uterine endometrial infection.

If the patient is not actively treated or improperly treated, it will cause pelvic inflammatory disease. Severe may cause tubal clogging and cause infertility.Therefore, after suffering from such inflammation, it is necessary to actively cooperate with treatment to avoid causing other diseases.

I often hear that some women will ask some women after they come to the doctor. I am very particular about hygiene, and she is clean and self -loving. My husband does not have peach -colored news, but why is it infected with such a difficult disease?This is a very puzzled issue for many women.

We know that maintaining female special gender characteristics requires hormone secretion to regulate the beautiful characteristics of women.Under the influence of endocrine hormones, women’s bodies guide epithelial cell hyperplasia. The surface cells are rich in glycogen. The glycogen is very conducive to the growth of alcohol.Effectively suppress the growth of other pathogenic bacteria, and form a protective layer of normal ecological balance to women’s privacy.

Why cause cure?Because when the level of hormones in the body decreases, the vaginal epithelium atrophy, the amount of glucosaccharides decreased, the growth of lactobacterium does not have enough glycogen nutrition supply, or the patient’s use of antibiotics or alkaline liquid overwashing the private partsThe growth, sexual disorders, frequent disorders, etc. can cause a large number of pathogenic anaerobic bacteria and Gatna (bacteria), causing the ecological balance of microorganisms in the trail.Inflammation occurred.

Why does it smell of odor?

Due to anaerobic bacteria producing decarboxyrase, bacteria can cause bacteria to produce certain amino acids, produce amine, and release an unpleasant fishy smell.Aunate can also inhibit the reproduction of lactobacterium, cause the vaginal epidermal cells with bacteria that adheres to bacteria, increase the secretions, and cause infection to inflammation.

This is a case that I often encounter. After women suffer from inflammation, if they are not particularly uncomfortable, they will generally not choose to see a doctor. If they are diagnosed, they will not cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. Generally, they will ask the doctor for two days for two days.After taking the medicine, there is no symptoms. It will not be thoroughly treated according to the treatment course, because they all feel that it is completely good. It is believed that the drug eating is mostly a misunderstanding of physical damage.

1. Therefore, if you feel the above symptoms, you should seek medical treatment in time.In addition, to clean underwear and underwear, and try to expose it under the sun as much as possible to effectively kill bacteria, and maintain the dry and cleaning of the external reproductive organs to avoid humidity and cause bacterial breeding.

2. If you suffer from vaginitis, many women are still troubled after active treatment.In fact, although it is treated, protective measures are still needed to prevent repeated.Therefore, you usually need to eat less spicy food. In terms of husband and wife life, you need to do a good job of cleaning and hygiene, and it is best to do regular leucorrhea regular inspections, discover problems in time, and treat early early treatment.

Reminder: How to avoid vaginitis?

In gynecological diseases, many women think they have nothing to do without itching.Is this the case?Moreover, some people have a painful money, and they can be dragged. They can not seek medical treatment until they can’t delay.There are also some women who believe in the treatment of women’s products released by some circle of friends, and use product maintenance privacy to follow the trend; according to investigating the products sold by these circle of friends, the products sold in the distribution of friends are generally some "elimination health" quasi -characters, which are not categories of treatment.Although some of them can be controlled in a short period of time, it is easy to repeat the inflammation due to the correct medication without standardized medication, which eventually triggers other organs to seek medical treatment after inflammation.

Use cleaning liquid rushing correctly because of inflammatory infection leading to various discomforts, some women use sterilization cleaner to clean their private parts, but if it is over -cleaning, it will destroy the balance of the internal genitals and reduce immunity., So don’t use the cleaner to over -clean blindly.

Can be in the same room!In this way, there will be patients who say, do you do not say that you can’t have the same room before?Is not this contradictory?In fact, it is not contradictory. It is best not to do the same room during inflammation, but some people have to have the same room. In this case, it is best to wear a condom for protection.

I am Dr. Li in the Department of Women’s Medicine. I share health knowledge in simple and popular languages every day. I hope to help everyone. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the message area.

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