Can I have a menstruation after menstruation?It must be surrounded by menopause, menopause and formal menstruation

Menopause marks the moment when the menstrual cycle of women’s life is about to end, which means that she will no longer be able to get pregnant and have children.It is a very important event to reach menopause, but this is also a complete natural event.

But I was curious about netizens as asking: Why did menstruation really stop after menopause and never come again?

Definition and reasons for menopause

As mentioned earlier, a woman will enter menopause after the last menstruation.However, because it is impossible to immediately determine that a certain period is indeed the last period, the doctor will formally diagnose menopause after 12 months without cyclical vaginal bleeding.Women will have a lot of questions about this, but the first question may be: "Why stop fertility after menopause?"

We have said that menopause is a completely normal stage in life, which means that the menopause is the reason for the natural decline in reproductive capabilities.After a series of incidents at the age of 30, women’s menstrual periods will stop permanently.Remember, this is the beginning of the process, and the real menopause will not appear until long.

When a woman is almost in her 30s, her ovaries will slowly begin to lose their best features.The results will reduce the generation of two very important hormones: estrogen and progesterone.These hormones are responsible for regulating menstruation. As the level of hormones decreases, women’s fertility ability has also increased.Over time, the level of these hormones will continue to decline until the ovaries will no longer produce eggs.This means that women’s menstrual period will stop and indicate the beginning of menopause.

This is related to the natural menopause, but due to other reasons, menopause may occur in advance.For example, chemotherapy can lead to menopause, and surgical resection ovaries will also have this effect.

Another situation is called primary ovarian dysfunction.This happens when women’s ovaries cannot generate these two hormones normally.This may be due to genetic, illness or cannot be determined.Although it is important to mention these medical conditions, this article will focus on discussing natural menopause.

When does the menopamental happen?

As you expected, all women have no strict age limit when menopause, and the specific situation depends on the situation.Usually, it occurs at some time between the mid -40s and mid -50s.If menopause occurs before the age of 40, then we call it a menopause, which is a medical problem.

If you look at the average value, 51 years old seems to be the most common age of menopause, but this does not necessarily mean a lot.Interestingly, some studies have found that when the age of the mother’s menopause can instruct the menopause of her daughter, but this is just a indicator, not a routine.In addition, smoking can cause menopausal menopause.


Menopausal is not overnight-this is a process that takes several years.One of its important parts is called the surrounding period or the transition period.

The menstrual period is a few years before the last menstrual cycle.This is when a woman is close to menopause and began to notice that some symptoms but have not yet fully eased.

The most obvious of these symptoms is irregular menstruation.Women’s menstruation may skip for one month (or even several months) in two months.The cycle can also be shorter, and the intensity of menstruation can be changed.These abnormalities are different for each woman, but they have one thing in common-siege can still be pregnant.

Other common symptoms of surrounding menstrual periods include hot, night sweats and cold.Emotional fluctuations may also happen, and women may be difficult to fall asleep.There are other possible symptoms, which vary from person to person.This is due to the changes in hormone levels experienced by women at surrounding menstruation.

After menopause

For 12 months since the previous period, a woman will formally menopause.As mentioned earlier, it is no longer possible to get pregnant, but remember some potential complications.These include:

1. Cardiovascular disease

After menopause, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases due to decreased estrogen levels.No need to explain how dangerous the heart problem is, so it is important to protect the cardiovascular system.Except for other, this includes paying attention to blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. Increased weight

The weight gain after menopause is quite common.In fact, this is often caused by the siege period, and it is caused by the changes in metabolism.This is directly associated with the previous little, because it is well known that there is a connection between the weight and the heart problems.

Therefore, in order to maintain a good weight, it is necessary to adopt healthier eating habits and exercise more.

3. osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a medical condition that makes bones more brittle and is more likely to fracture.The risk of osteoporosis in women after menopause is higher, especially in the first few years after the incident.

5. Husband and wife life problem

Women may reduce sexual desire after menopause.Similarly, vaginal dryness may occur and make the husband and wife life less smooth.

6. Trendy

We have mentioned that the fever is a symptom of menopause, but the tide heat may also occur within a few years after menopause.

How to treat it?

Menopausal is a natural event -which means you will not treat it directly.Instead, doctors may open some auxiliary methods to help control the symptoms and other conditions that may occur in women’s life.

For example, hormone therapy can help relieve heat.Another method to treat this symptom is low -dose some antidepressants.We mention that osteoporosis may also happen at this time, so doctors may take measures to prevent bone loss.This may include estrogen therapy or vitamin D supplement.

In this topic, it is important to point out that vaginal bleeding after menopause is an important cause of attention.This is abnormal, it may be a sign of certain medical problems, and it may need to be treated immediately.

"Why do menstruation stop?" It is a question that countless women have asked, whether they have reached this stage of life.Well, this is just when the ovarian stops release the eggs due to the natural decline in fertility.

This is normal and should not cause alarm.However, this still requires women to adapt, and we have discussed the symptoms that need to be considered.However, through the correct preparation, menopause does not reduce the quality of life.

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