Can I get pregnant during menstruation?That’s right!Bathing blood is not a contraceptive method, please be careful

Whether you want to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy when you have sex, can you have sex during menstruation and get pregnant a common problem.Similarly, many people will ask, can you get pregnant immediately after menstruation? Or can you get pregnant before menstruation? If these two problems are your problems, you are not alone.

The probability of pregnancy is different under these different circumstances.Some of the situation mentioned above are more suitable for trying to get pregnant, and one of the above situations is more suitable for sexual relationships with people with a lower chance of pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant during menstruation?

Among the three cases mentioned above, the question of whether menstruation can be pregnant may be the most common.The answer may not be or not.The possibility of sexual behavior during menstruation is that you will not get pregnant.

In addition to becoming more chaotic and not so satisfactory, having sex during your menstruation is likely not to cause pregnancy.What’s more likely, your ovulation period will take a few days, and the chance of pregnancy will be reduced during this time.

However, there are exceptions.The above situation is suitable for women with typical 28-30 days or longer cycles.If you happen to be one of the people with shorter cycles, then you may get pregnant when menstrual sex.

Now you will ask, "How does this happen?" "For example, if your cycle is short, every 21 to 24 days, this means that you ovulate earlier in the cycle." Sperm can survive in your body for 2 days, for 2 days, and3 days or even 5 days.You can have sex at the end of the bleeding, and then your ovulation period is advanced in 4 to 5 days.

The possibility of pregnancy during menstruation is very low, but the possibility exists.If you want to get pregnant, it is not time to have sex.

Can you get pregnant immediately after menstruation?

Yes, you will get pregnant as soon as menstruation.You actually start entering the birth window.During a typical cycle that occurs every 28 to 30 days, the fertility window period is usually between the 11th and 21st days.As mentioned above, sperm can survive for 2, 3 or even 5 days.If your menstruation (bleeding time) lasts 5 to 7 days, after that, you have sex, and you are close to your fertility window.

If you stop bleeding on the 6th day, have sex on the 7th day, ovulation on the 11th day.Sperm that starts on the 6th day may be waiting for conception in your fallopian tube.Of course, after menstruation, your chances of pregnancy are increasing every day.If you want to get pregnant, this is a good time to start having sex.In the next 14 days, each day of sex to increase the chance of conception.

Can you get pregnant before menstruation?

The possibility of pregnancy is very low before menstruation.For women with a menstrual cycle from 28-30 days or longer, their menstrual cycle is regular, so ovulation is quite safe on the 11th to 21st days.The eggs can only survive within 12 to 24 hours of pregnancy.

This means that sexual life is the safest a few days before your menstruation, and there is no expectation of pregnancy."Safety days" before menstruation increased with the extension of the cycle, and decreased as the cycle was shortened.

If you know when the ovulation period occurs, you have to wait 36 to 48 hours, then you are beyond the possibility of pregnancy.The farther from the ovulation period, the less the possibility of your pregnancy.If you want to get pregnant, this is not a time to have sex.However, this is still a good time to enjoy the close relationship with the partner.

If you want to get pregnant, the chairman of the American Pregnancy Association wrote this book, "Basic Guide to Pregnancy" to help those who want to get pregnant.This book shared the opportunity for each couple to know to maximize their pregnancy.

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