Can I dye my hair after pregnancy?In order to be safe for pregnant women and fetuses, these 9 things can be done without doing

Aesthetic is a woman’s nature, and women who are pregnant are no exception.As a special women’s group, pregnant women should not only pay attention to diet, but also pay attention to some small details in life, especially stinky aspects.However, for the sake of beauty, many mothers need nails, dye their heads, and wear high heels even during pregnancy.

Today, let’s take a look at 9 things that pregnant women are not suitable for beauty

Many mothers have the habit of facial care and SPA before pregnancy. After pregnancy, try not to do skin care items that stimulate skin, such as fruit acid change skin.In addition, it is necessary to lie for a long time to care for the skin, which will induce dizziness due to poor blood circulation on the head. It is recommended to use a pillow to raise the head during care.

Women are prone to back pain and back pain, lower limbs and feet edema during pregnancy, resulting in poor physical balance, and it is easy to fall when walking.Therefore, it is recommended that women do not wear high heels during pregnancy, especially the kind of hate.

Many beautiful pregnant women have the habits of texture, tattoos, and essays, but these beauty projects are invasive projects, which can easily cause skin inflammation and even infect other infectious diseases. It is not good for themselves and fetuses. It is recommended not to do it.

In daily life, pregnant women should also pay attention to some cosmetics ingredients, and minimize some leading whitening products and irritating cosmetics.

Although scientists have no hair dye that will affect the direct evidence of fetal development, pregnant women try to dye their hair as little as possible and expose hair dye in less chemical preparations.If you really love beauty, it is best to arrange your hair and perm in the late pregnancy. At this time, the fetal development has been shaped, and the risk will be lower.

Planting eyelashes, like the brows mentioned earlier, belong to the invasive beauty items. It is recommended that it is still a project that is planted after childbirth.

Some pregnant women with myopia have long -term use of contact lenses. I do n’t know that long -term contact lenses are very likely to induce corneal inflammation. It is recommended to wear stealth lenses or frame mirrors that are tossed.

Nail polish contains a harmful component of plasticizers, tinerene, formaldehyde, etc. to the human body and fetuses, and it is easy to enter the human body through the body.In addition, the dried ultraviolet light can also stimulate the skin, make the skin color darker, and wrinkles.

During pregnancy, pregnant women are affected by hormones, and the gums will become sensitive and often have swelling problems. If there is no serious oral problem, it is recommended that pregnant women do not wash their teeth.

In addition, the drugs of whitening teeth are not 100 % safe to the fetus. It is recommended to whiten the teeth and wash teeth after giving birth.

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