Can confine rice wine be milk?You think you think the milk -making method, in fact, the pit maiden is a baby

Bao Ma, who marries from far away from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, posted on the Internet that because it is too far from her mother’s house, they are in the mother -in -law’s house, but the in -laws have the custom of drinking rice wine at confinement.Will drinks be unsafe for the baby?

Many mothers have similar concerns. The old people say that rice wine is activated and bloody, which is beneficial to recover after delivery, and is more conducive to liquidation. However, young people always worry about this is an alcoholic drink and has a bad impact on children.The old man is also kind. Is this ancient custom right?Let’s take a look at the truth of rice wine.

Rice wine is a grain wine brewed by rice. The alcohol content is about 15 degrees.The "Hakka Mother’s Wine" in Guangdong and the "confinement water" in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are the widely circulated milk methods of southern my country.However, scientific research has found that postpartum mothers cannot cure milk.Although the mother who has drank rice wine is full of breasts, it is just a illusion that looks good.

First of all, we must understand that during the process of milk secretion, there are two types of hormones functioning: proladin, responsible for milk secretion; oxytocin, responsible for stimulating the smooth muscle of the breast catheter to secrete it, feed the baby; that is, one is responsible for production, one is responsible for transportation transportationEssence

Although the alcohol in rice wine can promote the secretion of prolactin to a certain extent, the breast looks full, but alcohol can inhibit the secretion of oxytocin at the same time, which means that the "transportation" process is destroyed.This will make the baby more strenuous, and the mother is uncomfortable.

It can be seen that drinking rice wine is not conducive to breastfeeding.

As long as alcohol enters the body, it is distributed in all organs of the entire body with the water, so after drinking rice wine, alcohol can enter the milk without obstacles.Take a mother with a weight of 50 kg as an example. If she drinks 150ml rice wine, the alcohol content is 11%, then the alcohol concentration in the blood can be waited for about 2 and a half hours.The more you need, the longer you need metabolism.

Then if Baoma breastfeeds after drinking rice wine, it is equivalent to drinking the baby. This is extremely risky. The baby is not only "drunk" as simple as "drunk".Alcohol poisoning, severe cases will die.

In medical literature, there are tragedies that mothers have breastfeeding after drinking a large amount of alcohol. Although the amount of rice wine is small, if the baby is affected by alcohol, it will also cause symptoms such as irritability and waking up.

Some people say that according to the principle of volatilization after heating alcohol, can you boil rice wine and then let the mother take it? You do n’t have to worry about the impact of alcohol.

Let’s look at such a set of data, add alcohol to the liquid soup, and then boil,

After 35 minutes of boiling, 35%of alcohol residue;

After 1.6 hours boiling, 20%of alcohol residue;

After 2 hours of boiling, 10%of alcohol residue;

After 2.6 hours of boiling, 5%of alcohol residue.

That is to say, if you want to boil rice wine to volatile alcohol, you need to keep rice wine boiling for 3 hours … Otherwise, the effect of alcohol will not disappear.

Based on the above 3 points, we should be clear. During the confinement, drinking rice wine can not only urge milk, but also have a bad impact on the mother and baby’s body.

Because of the first time I experienced my mother, many Baoma had misunderstandings on a series of raising issues. Regarding milk, there were three misunderstandings that needed Baoma to know in advance.

The lactator is a hot occupation in cities and townships. Most of them rely on reputation, with high charges, less than 300 hours, as many as thousands; such high income gives many people the idea of entering the industry, but the training institution only earns earns earn earns.Tuition fees, after short -term training, let the lactator who have no professional skills pour into the market, so that the quality of the lactator industry is uneven.

If it is a lactator with insufficient technology, it may cause mothers to induce more serious breast diseases because of improper methods.

Bao Ma’s lactation condition is affected by many factors, such as emotion, personal constitution, diet, rest, etc., is not that the lactator will be able to urge milk. A simple way to promote lactation is to let the baby suck more.The signal of larger output "will be improved well.

We have always believed that the postpartum women are very weak, not only because the process of childbirth has exhausted the vitality, but the body is suffering from large and small stimulation during the entire pregnancy. Therefore, family members will immediately cook various large soups on women.Both mother -in -law and mother are transformed into chefs, fish soup, pork rib soup, chicken soup, and pig feet soup. They both want to recover after the mother’s postpartum mother, but also ensure that the baby’s rations are full of nutrition.good.

These soup soups are often very greasy, have no good taste, make the maternal mood in a bad mood, and even cause tight family relationships.

In fact, this is unscientific ideas and practices. There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine called "virtual non -supplementary". It takes time to recover in the maternal body, and it is not immediately better.During this time, the diet should be light and unreasonable, and it is too greasy to make the mother’s stomach and kidney too heavy. Not only can it not be able to nourish the body, but it may also cause other diseases.

Some mothers are always anxiously worried whether they will have less milk tomorrow, so they will find some remedies and superstitious food supplements.In fact, eating and drinking some specific methods of milk is not only useless, but also may have a negative impact on the body.The simplest and best way to urge milk is to allow your baby to suck more, emit signals to the mother, and stimulate milk secretion.

Everyone’s physical condition is different. Others say that preferential methods do not necessarily have a good effect on themselves. Blind milk urging the amount of milk suddenly increases. When it is unable to absorb in time, it will exacerbate breast tenderness and increase milk.Time is too long to induce mastitis.

Breast milk is the most natural and safest food for babies. It is rich in nutrition and rich in nutrients and antibodies needed by babies. The most amazing thing is that the composition of breast milk is made of a certain pair of their babies.In other words, what children need, there is a corresponding nutrition in breast milk composition. Therefore, WHO generally recommends that mothers can insist on breast milk feeding for at least 6 months.

Therefore, mothers do not need to be anxious. Breastfeeding can be said to be the natural function of every healthy mother. Occasionally, there is no need to worry about one or twice less, but anxiety will affect the mood.

During breastfeeding, mothers often choose the traditional way of diet to nourish the big tonic. As a result, not only did not recover, but became fatter, and the body became worse and worse.

In fact, the control of controlling weight during breastfeeding is good for body recovery, good health, and because breastfeeding consumes greater calories, it is much easier to control the control body than usual.Under normal circumstances, secreting 100ml milk will consume the calories of the mother’s 90 calories, so breastfeeding is an individual work. If you eat with a reasonable diet, the weight of pregnancy will easily return to the original level.

In terms of diet, we must match it reasonably to ensure a balanced nutrition.First, eat less high sugar, high salt, high -fat food, and choose foods rich in high -quality protein, moderate energy density, and high nutrient density.What’s more important is to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, milk and low -canded juice are also a good choice.As for the creamy food in the traditional diet, choose carefully, and the focus is on scientific nutrition.

Novice mothers must be confinement scientifically after giving birth. The diet is mainly light and light in the diet. If it is necessary to urge milk, remember to clear it through the means of massage, hot compresses and diligence.The breast tube is smooth and smooth, otherwise it will be easy to accumulate milk from lactating, plug mammary tubes, and mastitis.

The frequency of newborn babies is very high. Moms often feel that they are like kangaroo mice. The baby will hang on her body at any time. In fact, this is a very scientific approach. It can stimulate milk secretion at any time.Under normal circumstances, the mother -chasing mother tries to feed diligently, and about 70%can achieve breastfeeding.

As long as the method is correct, the mother and baby can form a certain rules of feeding for about 3 weeks, so that the baby will suck more. The mother will feed more, and the amount of milk will not be small.But pay attention not to let your baby form the habit of sleeping and night milk, which can easily affect sleep and physical growth.

The maternal enters the lactation immediately after production, and whether the mother’s milk is sufficient during breastfeeding, determining the baby’s nutritional status and growth and development.The expectant mothers who are pregnant during the pregnancy period cannot fight without preparation. They must do their homework in all aspects of living, so that the baby’s rations in the future are better.

First of all, you must start learning the importance of breastfeeding before and during pregnancy, as well as related knowledge and skills, and make full psychological preparation.If possible, you can receive breast care before pregnancy, and do it for dredging of breast ducts.After the fetal condition is stable, expectant mothers can also choose to receive breast care.

If there is a problem of nipple depression, etc., it may be dealt with in a timely manner.Because the health of the nipples means not only whether the baby can get sufficient nutrition, but also means the health of the pregnant woman’s body. Therefore, in the process, it should fully pay attention to the care of pregnant women during pregnancy.

Through nipple -related nursing measures, the skin part of the pregnant woman’s nipples and the skin of the entire areola can be more complete and flexible, which is more conducive to breastfeeding work for young children.Action, avoid normal breastfeeding due to pain in this process.

When the baby was born, it was the critical period for whether breastfeeding was successful, and it was also the best time for babies to study milk.The baby frequently sucks the mother’s nipples, so that the mother can produce prolactin, and reaches the breast through blood circulation, which prompts the breast to produce a lot of milk.This is something that all new mothers expect, and to build such a virtuous cycle. Mom’s breasts should be prepared in advance.

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