Can "Xiaoyu" take a bath?It is easy to leave the root cause, and it will be crime in the future

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Women who are pregnant, because of nature or abortion, need for a period of time. During this period, we call it "small confinement".In the "confinement", one of the most concerned issues for women is cleaning.Let’s take a look at the popular science today, can "small confinement" take a bath?

According to the older generation of people, after the abortion of women, the body is weak and the pores are open. Hurrying to take a bath can easily invade the wet and cold evils into the body, leaving the root of the disease, so it is best not to take a shower by "small confinement".Although this statement lacks the scientific basis, few people say that "can take a bath by a small confinement", because the general flow of people will bring trauma to women’s uterus.Avoid the chance of wound infection is good for recovery after surgery.

Bathing during "Little Confinement" is not a taboo

During the small confinement, it is not bad for women to be cautious. After all, it is related to the recovery of physical health. However, with the progress of medicine and the change of ideological concepts, people’s requirements for the quality of life have become higher. Can you take a bath?A new point of view also appeared.

In recent years, medical experts have continued to stand up and say that women’s bathing after abortion is not taboos.Because the human body has excretion every day, it is not good for cleaning excrement to accumulate and fermented on the body, and finally breeds bacteria, and even produces an unpleasant smell, which is not good for women’s health.There are also good living conditions, women have good cleaning conditions, which can avoid extreme weather and environmental threats to physical health. In addition, modern women’s physical fitness becomes better. It is not easy to get sick because of a little wind blowing.

In short, if a woman is recovering well during the small confinement, there are good cleaning conditions, and the correct cleaning method can still be taken.

How can I take a healthy bath in "Little Confinement"?

If the place where women live are hot, or the body is easy to sweat, it is necessary to clean the daily body. Regarding how to take a healthy bath in the "small confinement", give some suggestions:

① Ask the doctor if the physical condition allows to take a bath.Because everyone’s physical fitness is different, the health recovery of health during the "small confinement" is also different, so it is best to ask the doctor first.For example, women can ask doctors who understand their physical condition, "Can I take a bath" or "how long can I take a bath" and then follow the doctor’s advice.

② Prepare before bathing.Take a bath during the "Little Confinement", it is best to be carried out in a closed and warm room. To ensure sufficient hot water during a bath, it is best to have various equipment such as bathbags and hair dryers to prevent cold.

③ Do it in a good mental state.When sitting "Little Confinement", women’s bodies are still in the recovery period. It may be easy to feel uncomfortable, and there is a situation of dizziness, dizziness, and physical strength.OK

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