Cai Xukun was exposed to a one -night stand to the woman’s pregnancy and abortion, and I apologized: the communication is voluntary

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When the popular niche, Cai Xukun was suddenly reported on June 26. After the relationship with the minor, he also forced his abortion and had cases.Later, his mother’s recording was exposed, which was different from the previous image.

Cai Xukun has participated in the idol trainee until now, in just more than two years, he has experienced it from no one, to the stars, and then falling into the valley.

When the incident was just exploded, the heat of fermentation continued to rise. They were waiting for Cai Xukun to stand up to respond, clarifying that it was just a scandal, but after waiting for five or six days, there was no response.Originally, everyone felt that this was the groundless thing. In this way, everyone speculated that this should be true.For so many days, Cai Xukun’s public relations team should be thinking about countermeasures.

Cai Xukun and C Ms. C introduced to a friend in KTV on May 20, 2021. In KTV, they drunk gold fans. Both of them went up and had a relationship that night.I thought it was just a one -night stand. Later, Ms. C found that she was pregnant and told Cai Xukun about the news that Cai Xukun did not want to be responsible, and asked Ms. C to go to the hospital to kill the child.At that time, Ms. C was just at the age of 17. She saw that she was a minor girl. The abortion was very harmful to adult women, not to mention he was still a minor.

After learning about the matter, Cai Xukun’s mother not only did not feel her son’s problem, but felt that the woman’s design trap framed her son.In the recording, what Cai Xukun’s mother said was just like a evil woman, which was very different from the gentle and virtuous image seen in the usual show.

What’s more is that Cai Xukun’s mother knows that her son did not take safety measures when there was a sexual relationship, which would cause the woman to get pregnant.On the one hand, the economic compensation for the woman prevents the woman from affecting Cai Xukun’s career, but on the other side, she also sent someone to investigate Ms. C privately.It was found that the mother who was wearing Xu Kun went to arrange a person in her house to monitor her.

In fact, as early as 2021, someone broke out that Cai Xukun had a child, but he was in a period of rising career, and fans did not care.Later, he was suppressed by Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen’s marriage.Cai Xukun posted a Weibo and said that his child was actually a dog.

Recently, Cai Xukun’s scandal is indeed a lot. Is this Ren Hongfu?Still because of the small achievements, I started to do it.In fact, before that, there were still people that Cai Xukun and Baby scandal.At that time, when Baby went out to play, my friends sent a few photos sitting on the yacht. Careful netizens found the mirror of the yacht and saw a man wearing a black vest. In fact, it was Cai Xukun.

The eyes of netizens were all clear, and they actually picked up how Cai Xukun’s public relations team tried his way to wash him.Cai Xukun’s public relations first bought paparazzi to let paparazzi release. In fact, the matter of Cai Xukun and ladies had been resolved as early as 2021. Then he wanted to explore the melon of Cai Xukun and another lady.Then Cai Xukun came out of the rumor quickly, so that everyone felt that this was false, and it covered what he and Ms. C.However, some netizens have carefully discovered that in fact, the photos exposed were stolen a married blogger.I have to say that Cai Xukun’s public relations team is very distressing. I thought about it for a week, and was finally discovered by netizens.

Finally, on July 3, Cai Xukun finally stood up bravely to respond to his affairs with Ms. C. It is simply summarizing that the first is not a minor, the second has no mandatory fetal fetus. The third hopes that everyone can forgive. I still want to continueMoney in the entertainment circle.After this incident, he did not bravely stand up to admit his mistakes, but instead he wanted to do everything to escape the responsibility, making many fans very disappointed.

Although some Cai Xukun’s brain disabled powder is still saying on the Internet, can’t the stars fall in love normally? I want to talk about normal love and blindness here.Steal the concept again.

There are also fans who found that when the fans tried their best to resist the black powder for him, he actually enjoyed in gentle town.At the 717 concert, he cried in order to come all the way to this way, but also because of the guilt after Ms. C was born.

Now that Cai Xukun has come to the end in the entertainment industry.I hope this can be alert to other idols, because their own influence is really great. As a public figure, they should plan their behavior.I also hope that star -chasing girls can polish their eyes, and they are soberly chasing the stars blindly. After all, most people still see a big difference from reality on the screen.

It is hoped that relevant departments can increase their behaviors to regulate stars and create a good social atmosphere.

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