Cai Li: After getting a fetal for her husband, I can’t get a fetal again for secondary pregnancy.

I met the scumbag. He was my colleague and boyfriend. At that time, he said that the 990,000 color gifts were good. As a result, I accidentally got pregnant before unmarried. My boyfriend reduced the gift to 690,000. At that time, when I went to the hospital, I went to the hospital.The child was aborted.

Half a year later, my love brain was deceived by the scum man again, and he was deceived. He was pregnant for the second time. This time, my boyfriend actually reduced the 69,000 gifts to 39,900.

I forced my boyfriend to say that if I do n’t give me a 9,000 -190s gift, I will give my child a miscarriage again. Anyway, it is not the first time to get a fetus. I have experience.

However, my boyfriend asked the doctor. The doctor said that my uterus was special and could not give birth anymore. I am afraid I would not be pregnant anymore!

My boyfriend is not afraid. Seeing that my stomach is older, what should I do?

"Little handsome, I’m pregnant again! How many gifts are you planning to give me this time?"

Xiaomei took the pregnancy test stick and waved in front of Xiaoshuai with a smile.

"My mother said to me, Cai Li was 39,900." Xiaoshuai said expressionlessly.

"What! At first, I said yes, the gift was 99,900. At that time, I was pregnant before I was married. Your mother pressed the gift to 69,000! I will give birth to the fetus."

"This time, I was pregnant again, and your mother even pressed the gift of 690,000 to 39,000! I am pregnant with your little handsome child!"

"Are you afraid that I will get a fetal again? Anyway, I have been fetal once, I am not afraid! But the child’s child! Haha!" Xiaomei was unwilling to show weakness.

"I asked the doctor who did a test for you. You are not easy to get pregnant this time. If you give birth, you may not be pregnant in the future! Are you sure you are going to get a fetus?" Xiao Shuai sneered.

"I … I don’t give birth to the child, you don’t marry me, there is an illegitimate child outside, and it is also crushed to see which girl with good conditions is willing to marry you." Xiaomei became angry and became angry.Said.

"Just, if you give birth to your child, you can’t marry, or I can’t marry a daughter -in -law." Xiao Shuai said dismissive.

Is this child born?

If you give birth to this child, do you agree with Xiaomei and Xiaoshuai to marry?

If you give birth to this child, Xiaomei will not marry Xiao Shuai, the child brings relatives, or find an honest person to marry?

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