Caesarean section scars+furnace layered+large belly, how to retract back, one -on -one recovery division …

Separation of thin belly with a cesarean section!

The mother of the second child and a caesarean section obviously can see that the lower abdomen will be very convex. This situation is because the cesarean section scars cause local adhesion, and then the entire lower abdomen falls down.There are 7 layers of scars in a caesarean section. The loosening of the scar first helps the scar to restore elasticity, so that the lower abdomen will be stratified due to adhesion.Even the entire abdomen has obvious pulling.

Falling here, slowly loosen the scars from left to right for about 2 to 3 minutes, and there are some obvious pains that can stay properly.Then do the method of lifting the entire lower abdomen up, and do some methods of the waist, back and abdominal wall fascia, to help the whole belly and wait for better to collect the middle.Because the whole belly of 10 months of pregnancy was very open, the forecasis of the entire abdominal wall was very loose, and the fascia in the area of the waist was very tense.

When you want to do some exercises, it is easy to compensate the back of the waist and back to restrict the abdomen.Slowly relieve the entire back of the back.Here the deep inhalation into the chest cavity, slowly vomiting the ribs and the vagina.Here deeply inhale, suck, and get angry.The ribs were lifted up in the vaginal mouth, and the right foot slowly lowered down, and the leg was straightened.The right is here.The nose inhaled, took 4 breathing, and slowly accepted the ribs when you were breathing slowly, and the abdomen was inward.I want to wear small -size pants very good, just this kind of sucking, suction, and getting up is very good.

The ribs are tightened to the lower body and waist around the waist, the abdominal tension comes out, and the belly becomes firmer.Sucking, sucking, qi, the ribs tighten the vagina, and the upper abdomen changes tightly.For the last time, it was very good. The ribs tightened down the vaginal mouth, and the upper lift became tight. This piece was tightened.

Bend my right legs back, don’t worry, listen to my password, the nose inhale and suck, get up the ribs down, and the vaginal mouth is tightened.The abdomen is a small circle, and the left foot is straightened, straight, enter.

The toes are stretched in front and I feel that the toes have strength. The toes are powerful.The ribs are tightened down the vaginal mouth, and the upper waist of the upper body should not be on the top of the top, right.The nose was deeply inhaled, his mouth was exhaling, and the ribs tightened down the vaginal mouth.

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