By the end of 2022, Guangdong will fully implement a free marriage inspection and pregnancy inspection

According to the website of the Guangdong Health and Health Commission, recently, the Guangdong Provincial Health and Health Commission, the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department, and the Office of the Women’s and Children’s Working Committee of Guangdong Province jointly issued the "Notice of Coordinating the Promoting Free Pre -Marriage Pre -pregnancy Healthcare Work" in order to comprehensively strengthen pre -marital health care and birth defects in pregnancy.First -level prevention continues to improve the quality of the population and the health level of women and children.By the end of 2022, the province’s county (city, district) will be fully implemented in full pre -marital health examination. Conditional counties (cities, districts) will be established to establish a "one -stop" wedding and health medical examination place close to the marriage registration office.The inspection rate reaches 65%, and the inspection rate of eugenics before pregnancy reaches more than 80%.

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In order to implement the "Basic Medical and Health and Health Promotion Law", "Healthy Guangdong Action (2019-2030)", comprehensively strengthen the first-level prevention of pre-marital health care and birth defects, and continuously improve the quality of birth population and the health level of women and children.Agree, the notice of the health care work notice before marriage for free marriage is as follows:

1. Work goal

All localities should improve their ideological understanding, promote the construction of healthy Guangdong high quality, and effectively follow the "Notice of the National Women’s Federation of the Central Youth League of the Communist Youth League of the State Council of the State Council of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the National Health Commission" and the "National Health and Health Commission Office Office of the National Health and Health Commission."The spirit of promoting the notice of pre -marital health care work "to improve the active role and significance of pre -marital health care work, establish a sense of service awareness, strengthen responsibility, and comprehensively strengthen the pre -marital health care and birth defects.Promoting the equalization of services, and effectively and effectively promote the comprehensive prevention and control of birth defects.By the end of 2022, the province ’s county (city, district) will fully implement a free pre -marital health checkup. Conditional counties (cities, districts) will establish a“ one -stop ”marriage and health medical examination place close to the marriage registration office.The medical examination rate reaches 65%, and the inspection rate of eugenics before pregnancy reaches more than 80%.

2. Specific work measures

(1) Realize the full coverage of free pre -pregnancy health examination before marriage.The city that has not implemented a free marriage examination should promote free marriage inspections on the basis of free pre -pregnancy health inspections, coordinate free pre -marital examinations and pre -pregnancy eugenics health examination projects, and implement "two inspections and one".One or both parties are registered in the registered marriage personnel of the Guangdong Province or holding a valid "Guangdong Residence Permit". They can enjoy a free pre -marital health examination within 3 months of pregnancy and 3 months of pregnancy.Children can continue to enjoy a free pre -pregnancy health check service.The "Second Inspection and History One" inspection project includes eugenics health education, medical history inquiry, physical examination, laboratory examination, virus screening, video examination, thalane, G-6PD deficiency screening, AIDS examination, etc., covering before marriageInspection and pre -pregnancy eugenics health inspection regulations (see Annex 1), the masses know the consent of the masses to reduce repeated inspections and facilitate the masses.The technical service specifications of pre -marital health checkups are formulated separately by the Provincial Health and Health Commission.

(2) Efforts to provide convenient wedding and health medical examination services.All localities should strengthen the overall planning and overall planning, and at the marriage registration office that meets the construction conditions is close to the construction of the "one -stop" marriage and health medical examination place to realize the "one -stop, full process" service;The marriage registration department, strengthen the guidance of knowledge propaganda and marriage and health medical examination, do a good job of facilitating docking with related wedding and health medical examination venues, and improve service and convenience.The "one -stop" wedding and health medical examination venue is coordinated by the county (city, district) government to provide venues, and the health department and the civil affairs department coordinate information sharing.Medical institutions with medical examination qualifications are responsible for specific construction and management. In principle, the construction office (information fast collection office), men’s body inspection room, women’s examination room, blood pumping room, folic acid supplement and contraceptive pills distribution room, mission consultation consultation consultationRoom et al. (See Annex 2).The place of marriage and health medical examination provides the masses with 5 "health gift packages" for the people before pregnancy, including the publicity of scientific marriage and birth defect prevention, pre -marital health examination, pre -marital risk assessment and consultation guidance, folic acid increase agent distribution,Contraceptive pills are distributed.

(3) Improve the quality of health services before marriage.All localities should set up a "one -stop" medical examination place for marriage and childbirth to pay attention to improving the quality of service.County maternal and child health hospitals or other medical institutions shall apply for a "one -stop" marriage and childbirth medical examination site for the "Medical Institutional Practice License" for the "one -stop" wedding health medical examination site;EssenceThe health department shall strengthen the management permit management of pre -marital inspection venues, do a good job in business training and continuing education in the personnel, and include pre -marital health service professionals into the training project of birth defect prevention and control.Training, establish a standardized and orderly pre -marital pre -marital health talent training model, standardize the training and continuing education of professional staff positions, and improve service quality.

Third, guarantee measures

(1) Strengthen departmental coordination.All localities should include pre -marital health care work into important contents of healthy Guangdong construction, strengthen organizational leadership, and strengthen departmental coordination.The health department must follow up with the pre -marital pre -pregnancy health service of the wedding personnel in time, and arrange enough personnel to help provide services at the "one -stop" wedding health medical examination place and marriage registration office to ensure the safety of the masses and quickly obtain pre -marital health care services.EssenceThe civil affairs and health department establishes the information sharing mechanism for marriage registration and pre -marital health inspection information; the health department and the civil affairs department will set up a marriage and education and convenience service platform for marriage and childbirth in combination with the actual situation of the civil affairs department.In the civil affairs department, in the marriage registration appointment or processing, the publicity knowledge promotion of pre -marital pregnancy, actively advocating "everyone is the first responsible person in his own health", "do a good job of pre -marital health examination, preventing birth defects is the responsibility of each couple", etc. "and so on."Concept; set up the guidance of the marriage and childbirth medical examination site at the marriage registration office, or guide the newlyweds to the place of marriage and childbearing health examination at the place of marriage and childbearing during the marriage registration, and receive health services such as pre -marital medical examinations before marriage.

(2) Strengthen publicity and education.All localities should use the health care crowd before marriage as the key population, and use publicity methods such as radio and television, posters, Internet, WeChat public accounts, health lectures, etc. to use the Guangdong mother and child health E manual WeChat applets, "Internet+women and children’s health" and other communication media.The "one -stop" wedding and health medical examination site set up a publicity consulting room to vigorously carry out the publicity and education of pre -marital health knowledge and birth defect prevention and treatment of pre -marital pregnancy, carry out family, tutor, and family style knowledge promotion services, guide the masses to establish the correct concept, strengthen parents’ healthIt is related to the health awareness of future generations to improve the enthusiasm of health care before marriage.

(3) Implementation of funding guarantee.Free pre -trimester of pregnancy health examination, folic acid supplementation, contraceptives distribution, AIDS test project funding (see attachment 3) in accordance with current regulations in basic public health service funds and major infectious disease prevention and control funds.The current channels are borne by the municipal, county (Dongguan, Zhongshan) level.All localities can refer to the current local medical service prices, settlement according to the corresponding standards, settlement funds as accounting for medical business income, and establishing a dynamic adjustment mechanism to ensure that "good things do well and do practical work."

Guangdong Provincial Department of Health and Health Committee Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs

Office of the Guangdong Women and Children’s Working Committee

September 28, 2021

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