Brother Chen Meng Chen Meng pregnant?One thing was questioned by netizens, only Xiaowei was still covered in the drum

I believe everyone knows that Zhu Xiaowei, the son of his coat, was overly loved because of excessive doting. Now even with the support of his father, he still has nothing to do. After getting married, his wife Chen Yaman couldn’t stand it.There was no child in the year, and it was suspected that there was a problem with health, and Chen Yanan also said before that having a child is not a thing that can be done alone.

The good thing is that there is also the fame of the coat brother, and the bottom of the family should be good, so the divorce did not take long, Zhu Xiaowei was engaged again. The object of this engagement was Chen Meng.It is about preparing the wedding, but it may be that they are worried that they will be over -concerned. Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Meng’s schedule are generally very privacy.

Recently, Chen Meng suddenly called the coat and told an amazing news, that was pregnancy.Now that the body has reacted, is it still a little nauseous to vomit? This hearing is obvious pregnancy characteristics.The coat was obviously excited when he heard this. Asked what Chen Meng wanted, she would buy it immediately.

And Chen Meng looks like a person who is not like fame and fortune, but just hopes that the man’s family can decorate the house as soon as possible.Buy some gifts to the daughter -in -law to give birth to give birth to the child.

Many people wish Zhu Xiaowei who finally filed a positive fruit, and some people said that Chen Meng had a face to Zhu’s parents after pregnancy. After all, Chen Yanan got married for almost a year and was not pregnant. Chen Meng was not officially married and was pregnant.So you ca n’t have a child, it may not be a matter of Xiaowei.

However, some people suspect that Zhu Xiaowei has been divorced for so long and has not found the right one, and Chen Meng looks better than Zhu Xiaowei in all aspects. Why is he directly engaged with Xiao Wei.It is less than 3 months of getting along with the two people, can they really get pregnant? Many netizens are very doubtful about this.

And the couple of the coat is very urgent to the marriage of his son. He may not think too much. Xiaowei may not have thought too much, but why do you get engaged in less than half a year? This is a lot of netizens.How do you think of this problem?Please express your opinion.

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