Broken the sky: Xiao Yan took away colorful swallowing the sky python, and Musham had become a pregnant woman after the return of Medusa

The third season of domestic animation fighting the sky was updated to episode 7. After Xiao Yan and Yun Yun’s true feelings were revealed, Xiao Yan left here, leaving Yun Yun standing stupidly alone, coinciding with the five kings of the snake people rushed to rushAt the end of his unprepared against Yun Yun, Yun Yun had the strength of the emperor, but he lost the domineering of the strong man in front of Xiao Yan and turned into a little woman, causing the snake -human king to hurt Yun Yun.

Yun Yun was very angry with the appearance of the five king. Raising the sword in his hand began to fight back strongly.Seeing that the situation is wrong, you will immediately show the combination of snake people.

The five kings of the snake people surrounded the Yun Yun in the middle and exhibited the seal of the snake -free venom. After the giant snake appeared, Yun Yun could not see the level of the giant snake.Waiting for the big move, what surprised Yun Yun was that the fighting skills of the exhibition had no effect on the giant snake, which caused Yun Yun to be injured lightly.

When the giant snake gave Yun Yun a fatal blow, Xiao Yan rescued Yun Yun in time. At this time, Xiao Yan was possessed by Yao Lao to hide his identity. Yun Yun did not know that he was Xiao Yan. When Xiao Yan went to Yun, he approached Yun.Yun, Yun Yun dodge subconsciously, the details are not bad.Even though the snakes of the snake people are strong, the strength of the medicine is stronger.

The five kings of the snake people know that they are not running away after they know that they are not their opponents. The elder medicine destroys them in one fell swoop. On the occasion of the moment, Xiao Yan released the power of Merbiat, which resisted the attack of the drug veteran.Wangcai was able to escape, and the snake people also felt that Merudusa had not died. She hoped that Merudusa returned to the snake people. Anyone who had seen the novels of the sky knew that when Merudusa returned next time, it was a pregnant woman.Essence

After Xiao Yan and Yun Yun separated, they came to a cave and planned to devour the fire. Xiao Yan had not completed the devouring. This episode ended here.The plot of the next episode is basically Xiao Yan’s drama.In addition, Yun Yun’s dress changed from black robe to Tsing Yi, how could it look good, but how Tsing Yi was hidden in the black robe. It is reasonable to say that the black robe is fine. It is unscientific.Well, here are here. Friends with different views are welcome to leave a message below. If you want to see more exciting anime analysis, please remember to pay attention to me!

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