Breeding Class: Twenty -seven weeks of pregnancy, fetal development and changes in pregnant mothers

The baby weighed at 27 weeks of pregnancy has been about 900 grams, and the length is about 35 cm.You can see that the baby’s head has a short fetal hair. At this time, the baby’s auditory nervous system has been developed, and the trachea and lungs have not yet matured, but the baby’s breathing movement continues.At this time, what life guidelines should be given to pregnant mothers?

Fetal development and mother change

Fetal development:

The 27 -week fetus has now weighing about 900 grams and reached about 38 cm.You can see a short fetal hair on the fetal head.At this time, the fetal auditory nervous system was also developed, and the response to external sound stimulation was even more obvious.You can continue to tell him stories or listen to music for him, which will make you and the fetus feel calm and happy.

Mom change:

At the end of pregnancy, the uterus of the pregnant mother is close to the ribs. Your uterus is about 7 cm on the navel, and the palace is about 27 cm high.This will make expectant mothers feel short, which is normal, don’t worry.The baby’s fetal movement sometimes surprises you, and your abdomen may move like waves.At this time, due to slow bowel movement and the pressure of blood vessels around the rectum, many pregnant women have constipation.Some pregnant women will find that the breast occasionally secretes a small amount of milk, which is normal.

Special precautions this week

When will sugar sieve?

"Sugar sieve" is the abbreviation of gestational diabetes screening. High -risk of sugar sieve general doctors will recommend continuing to do sugar resistance to diagnose whether there are gestational diabetes.Diabetes that are first found or first after pregnancy are called gestational diabetes, and gestational diabetes will have a variety of adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, conditional mothers with conditions are best to conduct sugar screening to detect whether there are pregnancy as soon as possible to test whether there are pregnancy.Diabetes and treatment.

If you have high -risk factors such as family history and obesity, sugar screening should be performed in about 20 weeks of pregnancy.Other pregnant mothers should conduct sugar screening tests at 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy.Because during this period, the fetus was growing rapidly, and the quermination function of expectant mother placenta became more and more vigorous. Various factors in the body caused diabetes to develop to the most obvious, so it was not easy to miss the diagnosis.On the other hand, if you find that pregnant mothers have sugar metabolism at this time, they can be treated early to minimize possible maternal and infant hazards.

Precautions for making sugar sieve:

1. Check the intake of starch (pasta) and sugar in the first two weeks.

2. The day before sugar sieve or sugar, it is best to eat light vegetarian food, and rice is the best.Make a bitter gourd and lower blood sugar.

3. Do not eat after 8 o’clock the night before, and drink less water.

4. Don’t be too fast when drinking sugar powder. Drink it slowly, drink little by little, don’t drink it in one bite, drink it within 3-5m.

5. Make a good time with blood, and one hour after drinking. If you start drinking from 7:10, drink at 7:20, then take blood at 8:20.

When will you start maternity leave?

When you stop at work and start maternity leave, there is no absolute time, which largely depends on your physical condition, progress during pregnancy, and work pressure and your own ability.The financial situation of the family is also a decisive factor. The earlier you rest, the sooner you go to work after your baby is born.You need to decide the appropriate time to start maternity leave according to your progress during your pregnancy.It should be noted that although the state stipulates 90 days of maternity leave (including 15 days before maternity leave), if you have unwell during pregnancy, you need to keep a fetus or a complications, and you have to rest.Cover leave.

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