Blood pressure is controlled, and cerebral infarction is far away from me!Rumor: Folic acid value is the key factor, don’t ignore it anymore

"Doctor, I just tested my blood pressure, 120/80, it was normal, and I tested it myself every day. There is no problem. Why do I say that I have a cerebral infarction?"

"People with normal blood pressure may also have cerebral infarction. This is not absolute."

"Isn’t cerebral infarction caused by hypertension?"

In fact, cerebral infarction is related to many factors. In addition to hypertension, there are also abnormal diabetes, abnormal blood lipids, and caused by the decline in the body’s functions as they increase, and may even be inherited.

Of course, hypertension is a major cause of cerebral infarction, which will exacerbate cerebral arteriosclerosis. However, at the same time, there are many factors such as blood sugar and blood lipids that can cause cerebral infarction. Do not think that hypertension is the only cause of cerebral infarction.

(1) Patients with mild cerebral infarction, because the brain ischemia or the blood circulation is too slow, there will be symptoms of dizziness and headache.

(2) Suddenly, it is dark in front of the eyes, but it will return to normal after a while, and there will be no nausea, dizziness or other symptoms.If this symptoms often appear, you also need to pay attention, it may also be a precursor to cerebral infarction.

(3) The limbs are weak, the things they are holding fall unconsciously, and even the body is inexplicable.

To find a "disintegration method", first of all, we must first understand the essence of the problem.At present, there are some foods and drugs that lower blood pressure. Advertising such as "good blood pressure control, cerebral infarction away from me" is actually inaccurate.It depends on the essence to see the problem. The same is true for treatment.If you want to control cerebral infarction, folic acid value is the key, don’t ignore it.

1. What is folic acid?

Folic acid is actually a vitamin, also known as vitamin B9.It can be seen from the name that he is a complex of vitamin B, because it is extracted from spinach leaves, so it is named folic acid.Many people now, especially pregnant women, will add more or less folic acid when preparing for pregnancy or when they are pregnant, because folic acid can effectively prevent fetal congenital neurotransidal deformities.If folic acid lacks folic acid, there are many different types of malformations and abnormalities.

So everyone may ask, what is the relationship between folic acid value and cerebral infarction?Before understanding the relationship between folic acid and cerebral infarction, we must first understand another key matter -the same cysteine.

2. What is same type of cysteine?

Cylline is a sulfur -containing amino acid with the same system as cysteine.Everyone knows that hypertension is the main reason for inducing cerebral infarction.As the patients with cerebral infarction above, the blood pressure is normal, but it still suffers from cerebral infarction, which may be because he suffers from same -type cysteine.Because same cysteine blood can not only cause hypertension, it is also a factor that directly leads to cerebral supplement vascular obstruction, thereby suffering from cerebral infarction.

Therefore, the essence of hypertension is actually caused by same type of cysteine.

And cerebral infarction may also be directly derived from same -type cysteine.

So what is the connection between same cysteine and folic acid?

3. What is the relationship between cysteine and folic acid?

When the level of the same cysteine in human blood exceeds a certain concentration, it will damage the endothelial cells of the blood vessels and promote the coagulation process, leading to the formation of thrombosis, thereby increasing the risk of cerebral infarction.The same cysteinemia can be controlled by increasing folic acid.Supplementing folic acid is the safest and most effective way to reduce the level of cysteine in the blood.

4. The relationship between folic acid and cerebral infarction

Experimental studies have shown that serum folic acid concentration is significantly negatively related to the risk of cerebral infarction.Therefore, clinically dealing with folic acid is given enough attention and supplementing folic acid, it may reduce the risk of cerebral infarction and have the effect of prevention and treatment.

If you want to explore its essential relationship, it can be understood that the increase in folic acid values will reduce the content of same type cysteine, thereby reducing the probability of hypertension, and at the same time, it will also effectively control the incidence of cerebral infarction.

Therefore, in the final analysis, the occurrence of cerebral infarction has a essential relationship with folic acid values. Even if there is no hypertension, the folic acid value may be risk of cerebral infarction.

5. How to prevent cerebral infarction?

(1) Control blood pressure

Although the essence of cerebral infarction is folic acid, for most people, while supplementing folic acid, it is necessary to control blood pressure in order to achieve the purpose of effective prevention.People with hypertension should pay attention to a reasonable diet and exercise more. Patients with hypertension should take antihypertensive drugs regularly to prevent blood pressure from rising. Otherwise, it is very dangerous.

(2) Control blood glucose

In order to prevent cerebral infarction, many people may focus on the control of blood pressure, which ignores the importance of blood sugar to cerebral infarction.

You know, if the blood sugar is high, it may also affect cerebral infarction, because the increased blood sugar will increase the blood viscosity, which will further cause the blood flow rate to slow down, which will cause the brain blood vessels and induce cerebral infarction.

Although blood glucose is another incentive of cerebral infarction, the incidence will be lower than hypertension, but it is still part of our cannot be ignored.

A. Exercise in diligence: Persist in exercising for half an hour a day, which can effectively reduce weight and blood sugar.

b. Pay attention to diet: Try to eat foods with too high sugar content, eat more coarse grains, and eat less finely processed food.

C. Control weight: The obese people need to lose weight and eat less calories.

D. Regularly monitor blood sugar, adjust the amount of hypoglycemic drugs, and find the most suitable method of lowering sugar.

(3) Drink plenty of water

Cerebral infarction is caused by the lack of blood and obstruction. Drinking plenty of water can dilute the blood, accelerate blood circulation, and naturally have a good effect on preventing cerebral infarction.

(4) Eat less salt

There are more sodium ions in foods with high salt content, and when there are more sodium ions in the body, the blood capacity and conveying volume will increase accordingly, resulting in increased blood pressure.In particular, the increase in sodium ions on the arteries will shrink the blood vessels and cause the blood pressure to become higher.

(5) Smoking less

Especially in the early morning, each organ has just begun to wake up, and the metabolic ability is still weak. At this time, smoking can easily lead to harmful smoke into the lungs. With the blood circulation of the body, harmful smoke will be transported to multiple organs in the body., Cause a series of diseases, such as transporting to the trachea, can cause respiratory problems; if it is transported to the brain supplement, it will occupy the oxygen space of the brain supplement, which reduces the amount of oxygenOxygen is easy to dizzy and even block the cerebral blood vessels.So less smoking, let alone smoke when you wake up in the morning.

Back to what I said just now, since we know that folic acid values are the essential factors that cause cerebral infarction, then we must maintain folic acid values at normal levels in life, and it must be given sufficient attention in clinical practice.It effectively reduces the incidence of cerebral infarction and has a direct prevention and prevention effect.Medicine emphasizes that prevention is the main and supplemented by treatment. I hope everyone can have a healthy body.

Control folic acid value, stay away from cerebral infarction!


[1] Magazine and neuropathic magazine Volume 8 of 2000, "The relationship between the concentration of cerebral infarction and serum folic acid" Zhang Jun.

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