Bleeding after the same room, most of these 5 reasons!Early discover and early treatment

After the intercourse, the woman suddenly found that her underwear had blood, panic, and vaginal bleeding in the same room. It was also called contact bleeding in medicine.With the improvement of everyone’s health concept and the phenomenon of bleeding after the intercourse, patients can also explain the situation in the direction.

Bleeding after the same room, there are several possibilities–

Hymen rupture and bleeding

For the first time, the girls were doing intercourse. They were shy, nervous, and overwhelmed, and hymen rupture and bleeding occurred, but the amount of bleeding was generally not much.After the female’s hymen is ruptured, it must be healed to heal the wound after a week, and only after healing.Women live in the first time and are nervous. Men must move gently and do forefronts, but do not reckless.Of course, there are no bleeding phenomena when women are in the same room for the first time.

In fact, menstrual blood

Young people, sexual desire is strong. Many times women’s aunt just leave, and the two are anxious to want to have a room. After the incident, women suddenly find that there are a small amount of bleeding or brown secretions.In this case, Mo panic, most of them have not yet completely clean menstrual blood.Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the same room during menstruation. It is best to perform intercourse 3 days after menstruation is completely clean to prevent women from infection and cause gynecological diseases.

Vaginal tear bleeding

After the same room, the amount of bleeding and bleeding for a long time can be considered for vaginal tear bleeding. This situation is more common in rough sex.It may also be due to poor vaginal development and double vagina, which causes vaginal stenosis; it may also be because of vaginal plastic surgery, hymen repair, uterine resection, etc., the vaginal oral healing is not good; men’s movements are too rude, improper posture, or womenMattalization can cause vaginal bleeding.So reject male rough sex and refuse to have the same room during the puzzle.

Gynecological inflammation

This situation is very common. Women suffer from cervicitis, cervical polyps, mold vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, and senile vaginitis. They may cause bleeding in the same room.Therefore, women must not have sex when suffering from gynecological inflammation to prevent inflammation from worsening. Women also have gynecological examinations every year, and timely treatment is treated in time.

With cervical cancer

The amount of bleeding is not large, the color is bright red, or there are blood wires in the leucorrhea. You need to be alert to early cervical cancer. When the cervix is directly collided, it will break and bleed.Cervical cancer is mostly the age of middle -aged women, which is mostly related to early marriage and early childbirth, multi -pregnancy and multi -birth, and poor hygiene conditions.Therefore, women should conduct regular women’s examinations, conduct cervical cancer screening, targeted examination, and find problems early.

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